Spanish Vice President praises Che Guevara’s mass executions in Cuba as an act of ‘social justice’

Vice President Pablo Iglesias

From our Bureau of Revealing Statements by Bloodthirsty Socialists

No surprise here.

Yet another golden moment in the history of Spain and of worldwide socialism.

Murdering thousands of people without a trial is “social justice.” Yeah. This is REAL socialism at work.

Quick, load your rifles and get those killing fields ready, socialists of the world…. So many to kill, so much blood to mop up, so little room for the dead ….

… and be sure to get your historical “facts” from the Ministry of Truth. Yeah.

Rocio Monasterio

From Diario de Cuba (loosely translated)

The first vice president of the Spanish Government, Pablo Iglesias, justified the executions commanded by Ernesto Che Guevara in La Cabaña 61 years ago as an “act of justice for the Cuban revolution.”

Iglesias accused the family of Rocío Monasterio, the current president of the Vox Party in the Community of Madrid, born in Cuba, of “getting rich by exploiting and repressing their workers.”

“Your family became rich in Cuba with sugar industries that savagely exploited their workers, repressing them when they went on strike, thanks to the murderous dictatorships of Machado and Batista. The revolution did justice. It is logical that you hate Che. Greetings,” wrote Iglesias in a tweet in a reply to Monasteio.

Monasterio, the Cuban-born Spanish politician criticized the tribute that the Spanish vice president paid to Che Guevara, whom he described as “an example for the history of the liberation of the peoples and social justice.” For Monasterio Che is a murderer and Iglesias his defender.

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7 thoughts on “Spanish Vice President praises Che Guevara’s mass executions in Cuba as an act of ‘social justice’”

  1. Iglesias, alas, is what Spain has asked for and thus received, but it is not his fault Spanish voters are what they evidently are–an absolute disgrace. As for Monasterio, she’s the kind of Cuban politician we could surely use in the US, not to mention a free Cuba.

  2. It goes without saying that Iglesias doesn’t know jack shit about Cuban history and is merely regurgitating the official leftist narrative on it, meaning he’s talking out of his nasty little ass.

    Lord, the contempt, not to mention the revulsion–and I’m not just talking about Iglesias.

  3. Spain has been asking for communists for a very long time and although General Franco saved them from an Orwellian nightmare, most Spaniards are too stubborn, conceited, and stupid to recognize what a “victoria republicana” would have truly meant. After all, they never got a taste of it, not in the slightest.

    How were Francisco Francos’s statues still up until 2008, in a place like that, is beyond me. That’s not to say Franco was perfect but neither was the vulnerable poor wreck of a nation he inhered and returned to King Juan Carlos (a total doofus) industrialized, rich, and stable.

    Granted, the nationalists were able to save Spain from communism thanks to the aid Nazi Germany (and a lesser extend Italy’s) and against the interference of USA and UK (who were clandestinely supporting the soviet-backed “Republicanos” to then play stupid, as they always do).

    These two hypocritical and sanctimonious frauds [USA and UK], who had no care about sacrificing half of Europe to Stalin and pretentiously planting their useless bases on the other half, to later call it “liberation”, clearly wanted another soviet satellite state in Iberia as a soon-to-be western front against Germany.

    To add insult to insure, they then embargoed General Franco until 1959 for doing what they themselves were never able to do anywhere, defeat a communist front – as if USA’s role in Europe and Asia wasn’t a total disgrace.

    Yet, Japan’s Emperador, Hirohito, was courted and left untouched despite ordering the attack on Pearl Harbor and going all in with the axis. Talk about playing moral authority only when it can be afforded… But I digress.

    For Spanish communists the big opportunity of the 1930s will not repeat itself and for that they will forever resent General Franco and incessantly do all in their power to turn his name into a bad word.

    But, again, the more noise these piles of human shit make, the more cheap propaganda these conceited and personally frustrated cretins regurgitate, the more they control at Spain’s expense, the more they play revolutionary with the political misfortune of others, the more toxic they can be, all the better. Brace yourselves and enjoy.

    As the Spanish saying goes, “nadie aprende en cabeza ajena”, especialmete arrogantes e idiotas.

    • The problem is we come from these fucked up assholes, which is no doubt related to our disaster–and btw, I’m pretty sure no former Spanish colony sent more men to fight on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil war than (surprise!) Cuba. Lord have mercy.

    • As for Juan Carlos, he was a bon vivant who fancied himself a playboy and milked his position for all it was worth. He did pretty well for himself for a long time, until his real self got the better of him and the chickens came home to roost. That’s why he’s now living out his last days in dishonorable exile in the Dominican Republic, of all places, with the help of (surprise!) the rich Cuban Fanjuls, who I expect find the royal connection highly ennobling–as if. Even if he hadn’t wound up a disgraced, broken down and inconvenient estorbo, his gratuitous but consistent and prolonged flirtation with our Maximum Bastard would have sunk him irredeemably.

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