Socialism in action: Cuban government tears down and demolishes private restaurants

The only way many Cubans find enough food to survive after 60 years of socialist corruption and inefficiency is through private food vendors. But the communist Castro dictatorship will have none of that.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Several cafeterias in Santiago de Cuba demolished under government orders

Several photos on social media are showing the demolition of private cafeterias by local government authorities in the town of Contramestre in Santiago de Cuba.

“Look at this, what a crime they have committed, the hard work of two men who all they did was feed the Cuban people,” lamented one Facebook user.

“Look at the injustice committed by the Cuban government [,,,] a country they say is free. I’ve spent all day wondering what this cursed government expects to achieve with this, ordering the demolition of a shop owned by a hardworking young man, a father with a family, a fighter with the dignity this government doesn’t possess,” said another.

“That shop fed those Cubans who are forced to yell viva Diaz-Canel, so tell me, is that just? Not you guys because you have it all and your families don’t have to suffer shortages, you have no conscience, no feelings. Tell me, what did he do that made you want to take down his shop where every month he paid you his taxes and fed the people you have dying of hunger? The pain I feel is unforgivable, but of course, you don’t feel that pain because it’s not your family. I demand justice,” he said.

“They ordered it to be torn down without any explanations, they didn’t think about anyone. Not in the one who’s sick, his mother, his children and family members who up until today were living off that business. The truth is I never talked about the government there because that’s where I grew up, I was raised there, but each day that goes by I realize that they treat my Cuban brothers like animals,” he added.

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