UN elects the repressive regimes of Cuba, China, and Russia to Human Rights Council

Following a decades-long tradition of corruption and worthlessness, the United Nations on Tuesday elected three of the world’s most brutal, repressive, and murderous regimes to its Human Rights Council. The irony of having Cuba, China, and Russia overseeing human rights violations would be hilarious if it were not so crushingly depressing.

Via The Sun:

UN-BELIEVABLE: ‘World’s worst abusers’ China, Russia and Cuba to join UN human rights council despite torture camps and beheadings

CHINA, Russia and Cuba are set to join the UN’s human rights council today – despite a history of human rights abuses.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are also expected to be elected to the council today, outraging human rights campaigners.

The decision to vote the five countries onto the council was described by UN Watch as allowing “a gang of arsonists to join the fire brigade”.

The UN’s Human Rights Council has 47 seats, and there are currently 15 three-year term vacancies.

A UN Human Rights Council candidate can be defeated if fewer than 97 member nations vote for them in a secret ballot.


Cuban human rights activist Rosa Maria Paya claimed that Cuba “uses the [Human Rights Council] seat to protect their impunity, making sure the multiple accusations against them and criminal friends in Venezuela, China, Russia and Belarus do not prosper”.

According to Human Rights Watch, Cuba uses “repressive tactics against critics, including beatings, public shaming, travel restrictions, and termination of employment”.

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2 thoughts on “UN elects the repressive regimes of Cuba, China, and Russia to Human Rights Council”

  1. Everyone who voted to put these criminals on that council is both corrupt and toxic. Unfortunately, when corruption works for people and they know they can get away with it, they WILL act accordingly.

  2. The UN. of course, is in effect mocking everyone, as in “Don’t like it? So what are you gonna do about it? Bitch and moan? You think we give a shit? Fuck you.” The US needs to defund this farce of an organization, because when people won’t even bother to fake being on the level, they’re absolutely hopeless.

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