Presidential Election in November is a choice between capitalism and socialism

Jose Francisco Cuevas Vila writes that on November 3rd, the choice is not only be between Trump and Biden or Republican and Democrat; it will be between capitalism and socialism.

Via PanAm Post::

Trump vs. Biden, Capitalism or Socialism

For many, Donald Trump represents the American dream, while Joe Biden is a weak leader, and China will dominate him.

Before COVID-19, President Donald Trump had re-election in his pocket. Practically assured. As a result of this pandemic, with inexcusable omissions by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the infamous irresponsibility of the Chinese dictatorship, more than 200,000 Americans have died. The whole world is also in an economic recession as a result of this pandemic. Interestingly, the Democrats blame Trump for the dire epidemic and its impact. They do not blame the Chinese dictatorship or the WHO. How many lives could have been saved if they had released the information on time?

Now the media is showing a broad lead for Joe Biden. They did the same thing four years ago with Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump was elected. Certain states provide that have more voters and lean Democrat- the so-called popular vote. But in the United States, the president-elect is the one who gets the 270 votes in the electoral college. Trump can and should win them.

Biden, if elected, will be president at 78-years-old, and it is irresponsible to assume command of the world’s leading power at that age. It is clear that the years have affected Biden. He is wrong about the data, has innumerable lapses and, clearly, his mental faculties are not normal. The former vice president often mentions wrong numbers, says he is a candidate for senator, and even makes mistakes when reading the teleprompter. The idea of electing him as a leftist moderate maybe just to win the election since many Democrats want Kamala Harris as president, and she represents a far more radical left.

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