What passes for a ‘revolutionary’ in 2020

By Bonil:


Henry Ford mass produced automobiles. He revolutionized transportation.

Martin Cooper invented the cell phone, He revolutionized interpersonal communications.

Tim Bernes-Lee invented the internet. He revolutionized the transmission of data.

Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook. He revolutionized social media.

And what are you looking at? You capitalist pig . . . you bourgeois worm

2 thoughts on “What passes for a ‘revolutionary’ in 2020”

  1. Not much different than what passed as revolutionary back in 1958, isn’t it?

    You know, when the arrogant cretin of “Che” wasn’t yet an overpriced t-shirt for the morally bankrupt but rather a totally inept and glorified dirty bum in the flesh. I guess some things never change, like human imbecility.

    Well, what has changed is the level of social conditioning within the United States – one I would say has been more pervasive and successful than anything ever seen in Latrine America.

    After all, the overrepresented tribe of jerks who have made it their mission to push socialism/marxism and hijack the microphone (and the classroom) has since then added sixty years to their resume.

    By the way, Zuckerface isn’t a revolutionary in my book. The idea of social media was pioneered by MySpace and bound to evolve sooner than later.

    If Facebook were to abruptly die tomorrow (like MySpace did) one could assert nobody’s life will chance for the worse. Facebook knows it and it also knows it is dying slowly. Thus, it will continue buying emerging competition (controlling speech while at it) before it is ever eclipsed.

    • Facebook, is totally unnecessary and dispensable right now, like practically all entertainment celebrities and their offerings. Trouble is, a lot of people can’t or don’t want to choose and make their own lives but simply go with the trend or the fashion.

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