Mexico City topples Columbus monument but erects statues honoring mass-murderers Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a statue in a public space must be worth billions of words.

Mexico’s socialist government is letting everyone know who its heroes are.

Fairly soon, the same thing might be happening here in the U.S.A.,

But don’t expect to see Fidel smoking a cigar or Che smoking a pipe in any American monument, as is the case in this monstrous Mexican tribute to the two most beloved idols of Latrine America.

American leftist Wokenoids consider smoking a much worse crime than the slaughtering and torturing human beings.

No cigars or pipes for anyone, not even for demi-gods of leftism!

Politically incorrect: A cigar for the macho Maximum Leader, a pipe for the intellectual Maximum Executioner

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

A couple of statues of Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevara popped up again this Saturday in a public park belonging to the Tabacalera neighborhood of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, in Mexico City, which generated criticism from residents, local press and Cubans.

The work, created in 2017 by Óscar Ponzanelli, is part of a sculptural complex that is called the Encuentro Monument, although they colloquially call it La Banca del Che y Fidel. and it commemorates the first meeting between the Cuban and the Argentine in Mexico.

“The message is very clear, the government of Mexico City removes -disappears- the statue of Christopher Columbus from Paseo de la Reforma and now they are installing this garbage,” the Mostblak México Noticias media outlet reported on Facebook.

Both bronze images were located in the park located on the corner of Ignacio Mariscal and Miguel Ramos Arizpe streets, behind the San Carlos Museum, and where there has been a bust of the Argentine-Cuban guerrilla for years.

The sculpture, which weighs 250 kilograms (including the bench), is not the first time that it has made headlines in Mexico, since a few years ago it had been removed from that same place because it did not get a favorable opinion from the Committee of Monuments and Artistic Works in Public Spaces of the City, according to Chronicle at the time.

Apparently, the Committee agreed since 2018 not to authorize the sculpture project, to reconsider its location and to start the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Tabacalera Garden, therefore the work was withdrawn and now it reappears in the same public space.

“The message of the current pseudo-government in Mexico is very clear. Where do they want to take us,” said on his Facebook profile a citizen who attacked the current Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the complicity with “the dictator Fidel Castro and the assassin psychopath Che Guevara”.

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No cigar for you! No monument either! Politically incorrect Columbus, before and after

2 thoughts on “Mexico City topples Columbus monument but erects statues honoring mass-murderers Fidel Castro and Che Guevara”

  1. The only surprise is that Mexicans even had a Columbus monument, or certainly that they didn’t remove it much earlier. They clearly deserve Columbus much less than they deserve the two smoking bloody bastards. Qué les aprovechen. By the way, do note the bust in the background, which looks like a bust of “Che” and was probably already there before the new abomination.

    And I’m supposed to even begin to identify with such people and count myself one of them? I do NOT think so. Solavaya. Talk about utterly repulsive.

  2. Well, given that this is very much in character for Mexico and par for its course, there’s no point wondering at it or even objecting, really, since shit is supposed to stink. However, they could have been more historically accurate and shown Che on his knees licking Fidel’s boots.

    Naturally, the Castro people should tell, I mean ask, Mexico to have a replica of the thing made to be sent as a gift (what else?) to Havana, so it can be used to desecrate the public space in front its cathedral. Tourists would LOVE it, particularly those “nice” Canadians.

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