Bad news from Latrine America: Exit polls indicate a socialist win in Bolivia

Bolivian socialists celebrate apparent triumph of their candidate Luis Arce

From our Bureau of Dogs Returning to Their Vomit (affectionately known as our Bureau of Latrine American Masochism)

Uh, oh…. It looks as if a majority of Bolivians want to resurrect the corrupt dysfunctional socialist dictatorship from which they narrowly escaped a year ago, in October 2019. .

And if the exit polls are correct, it looks as if Evo Morales will be returning to Bolivia from his exile in Argentina.

Of course, one must first assume that the election and the exit polls are not rigged, as was the case last October.

If, in fact, all of this doesn’t involve chicanery, then election results don’t get any more “Latrine” than this.

Imagine choosing to be ruled by socialist political leaders who idolize Castrogonia. Imagine wanting to remain a dirt-poor repressive Third World hellhole and ensuring that your future will look bleaker and bleaker with every passing day.

This election result is the very essence of Latrine America.

Yeah. Imagine idolizing a form of government that leads inevitably to disasters such as the one pictured below.

Havana’s urban landscape– below– is proof positive of the failure of socialism. Cuba was NOT a Third World country in 1959. Latrine Socialism turned it into the Fourth World hellhole it is today.

As always, socialists vow to change everything and create an utopian paradise without making any of their past mistakes. Yeah. Sure. If they wanted to really avoid mistakes, they wouldn’t be socialists. Socialism itself is nothing but a colossal mistake.

Havana, Cuba, September 2020

From Deutsche Welle

Early exit polls suggest Luis Arce, an ally of former President Evo Morales, may have enough support to avoid a runoff vote. Sunday’s poll was a repeat of the 2019 election, which led to Morales fleeing the country.

An exit poll in Bolivia’s high stakes presidential election has given socialist candidate Luis Arce the lead he needs to avoid a runoff election. The quick-count Ciesmori polls were released late on Sunday by Bolivian media, and showed Arce with 52.4% of the votes and Carlos Mesa in second place with 31.5%. 

Arce, a former economy minister, is an ally of former President Evo Morales, while Mesa is a centrist who served as president in the early 2000s. To avoid a runoff, the winning candidate needed to secure more than 50% of the vote, or 40% with a lead of at least 10% over the second-place candidate.

Without claiming victory, Arce thanked supporters and had a confident tone in a press conference shortly after midnight in the Bolivian capital, La Paz. 

“We are going to work, and we will resume the process of change without hate,” Arce told reporters.

“We will learn and we will overcome the mistakes we’ve made [before] as the Movement Toward Socialism party.”

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Heeeee’s baaaack……!

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  1. Latrines can’t or won’t learn from even very serious errors. Nicaragua is a classic example, but even Chile kept playing with fire (so-called socialism), which should have been rejected completely and forever, and now the country’s getting burned. At least Cubans had no idea what they were getting into till they were in it, not that it makes much difference. Deeply depressing.

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