Cuban American sues Netflix for false portrayal of her in the film ‘Wasp Network’

Ana Margarita Martinez has filed a defamation lawsuit against Netflix for portraying her falsely in the Castro dictatorship propaganda film “Wasp Network.” The film not only took liberties with the truth, but went out of its way to portray Martinez and the Cuban exile community in Miami as terrorists and drug dealers while depicting the murderous Castro spies as noble people trying to save lives.

Via Variety:

A Cuban exile filed a defamation suit against Netflix on Wednesday, alleging she was portrayed as a promiscuous “party girl” in a film about a Cuban spy ring in South Florida.

Ana Margarita Martinez filed suit in federal court in Miami, alleging that the film, “Wasp Network,” romanticized the clandestine operations of Fidel Castro’s regime, and downplayed its crimes.

She also named the film’s director, Olivier Assayas, as a defendant.

Martinez fled Cuba as a child in the 1960s, and was active in the anti-Castro exile community in the 1990s. She married Juan Pablo Roque, another Cuban exile who was later revealed to be a Cuban spy. According to the complaint, Roque used the sham marriage to Martinez to establish his cover and to spy on the exiles.

The film was shot with the cooperation of the Cuban government, and centers on the exploits of spies who operated in Miami. The suit argues that the Cuban exiles in Florida are falsely maligned as terrorists.

According to the complaint, Martinez was also falsely portrayed as living a “lavish lifestyle paid for by drug money and terrorist activities.” In reality, she says she was a hard-working mother who had to support her husband financially.

The film and the book it is based on were all made with the guidance and approval of Cuba’s socialist dictatorship, which gave its perverted version of true life events. The film’s director then did all he could to please Havana, portraying the convicted Cubans spies and murderers as heroes and Cuban exiles as terrorists.

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  1. The film was simply a movie version of the book written by a Brazilian leftist and admirer of Castro, Chávez and Lula. He was given official cooperation and approval by the Castro regime, which NEVER does that unless it expects to gain from it. The guy was an old friend of Fidel, and in 2013 visited Havana (with Lula) and presented a copy of his book (the Spanish edition) to Fidel in person–there’s even a photo of it:

  2. The problem, of course, is hardly confined to Netflix or even the people who made the movie or the guy who wrote the damn book. The problem is that such a book and the film version of it would ever be taken at face value and accepted as not only respectable and legitimate but actually definitive–which would NEVER have happened with something anti-left and pro-right, no matter how accurate or truthful. And yes, the usual suspects know that we know that.

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