New Yorker comes up with prize-worthy headline about Darth Trump’s effect on Florida’s Cuban American vote

Cubans in South Florida have apparently set Manhattan aflame with worry. Ring all alarms! Head for the hills, or the Hamptons, or the Vineyard, folks!

These god-damned Trump-loving Cubans are going to ruin the 2020 election!

First it was El Niuyortain, sounding the alarm for two days in a row. Today it’s the New Yorker magazine (El Niuyorker).

The fact that Cubans in South Florida are “stupid” enough to prefer Trump over Biden has these elite journalists very, very worried.

Get a load of this headline:

How Pro-Trump Disinformation Is Swaying a New Generation of Cuban-American Voters

Recent Cuban émigrés, a group that Democrats once thought might help Joe Biden win Florida, have shifted dramatically toward President Donald Trump.

Whole article HERE

Yeah, “disinformation”….. sure, uh-huh…. Everyone knows how stupid and gullible Cubans are. Savages, all of them. And everyone knows that anyone who votes for Trump MUST be stupid… and evil, too.

How dare these “people of color” refuse to play the subservient role assigned to them by America’s leftists?

Now, please. Call us “spics” if you want, or “Latinx” (which is a billion times more offensive than “spic”), but don’t insult our intelligence.

7 thoughts on “New Yorker comes up with prize-worthy headline about Darth Trump’s effect on Florida’s Cuban American vote”

  1. Right. Because the world’s top experts on Castro, Inc., who don’t need to be “informed” on the matter by absolutely anybody, must therefore be either retarded or insane to suit the longstanding enablers of Castro, Inc. The fact said enablers are lower than dirt and far more vile is evidently not an issue.

    The message is always the same: the NYT knows better and cares more about Cuba than the victims of the regime it helped install there. Truly, the HIJEPUTEZ involved here is boundless. May it get what it deserves.

  2. We are talking about pyschopathology here, apparently incurable. Of course, there’s been a tremendous investment in the assumption of not only superiority but entitlement and even obligation to act on it. An entire self-image is based on that, however falsely, and that is extremely hard if not impossible to change.

  3. The writer of the New Yorker piece is one Stephania Taladrid, whose surname is clearly Hispanic and may be more or less analogous to the little Colombian asswipe who held forth at the NYT as a Cuba “expert.” As should be absolutely no surprise, she served as a speechwriter for the Obama administration.

    Oh, yeah, Cuban Americans need her input, I mean, enlightenment. You can’t make this shit up. Still, to be fair, she’s not even remotely as disgusting, I mean objectionable, as one Carlos Alberto Montaner, a Cuban Never-Trumper who, to add insult to injury, presumably represents Cuban exiles.

  4. Asombra,
    I think that you are correct, she reminds me of said Colombian asswipe. It seems that the mainstream media has not want of LATRINO writers whom they dig out from under a pile of shit whenever they want to attack those deplorable Cuban Americans [which is how they see us]. In their twisted logic having a LATRINO attack us somehow legitimizes the attack. We’re all supposed to be the same, after all, right?

    It should be noted that this same woman with her degree in Latin American studies [does that say enough?] has, also, written upbeat, positive articles about “Latinos” in other states being able to turn the state blue. So, you see empowerment [a word they always use] is only good if its witnin the context of the DNC. Its the same as the late cenisero andante’s maximum, “within the revolution everything, outside nothing.”

    By the way, Carlos Alberto Montaner, the pretentious ‘intellectual” [have you ever read his books? They have no footnotes, bibliography, are riddled with outright mistakes NOT TYPOS] now has appeared in a pro-Biden commercial. Is this the best Biden’s campaign can muster? That POS who is totally out of sync with “his” community?

    • Montaner has been dubious for years and has now gone over the edge. I expect he wanted to be a Cuban Vaclav Havel, which is not happening, and his time is running out (he’s nearing 80). I expect he figured his best or only chance at becoming more “important” or “relevant” was to go for some Jorge Ramos-type action, and Ramos is his former son-in-law and father of his granddaughter (who’s worked for Obama, the Bidens and Hillary Clinton and is aggressively “Latinx”). In other words, I think he’s too close to the honey pot and wants some honey. He is openly backing Biden-Harris, which even apart from Cuba is at best a sign of lunacy–and he’s not crazy. Thus, he’s now not only discredited and disreputable but frankly repulsive, certainly to me, because the fact remains that he IS Cuban and has zero excuse for what he’s doing, even though he’s free to do it.

      As I’ve said before, a Cuban does not have to like Trump or even vote for him, but going Dem, ever, is completely unacceptable and unjustifiable, not to say an abomination. Lord, the disgust.

    • As for getting a “Latin” (ideally a Cubanoid) to do or say negative things against “those people,” that’s a very old ploy, and the most egregious practitioners of it have long been the Miami Herald dirtbags–who not only still want Cuban customers but, more incredibly, still have FAR too many. Lord, the contempt.

  5. Oh, I know, we should ask Ben Rhodes for advice on voting and appropriate Cuba policy. Or we could just listen to the Miami Herald’s house Cubanoid(s). If all else fails, there’s always our “sister” AOC.

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