Priceless: Frank Calzón writes to Jill Biden, reminds her of her role in enslaving the Cuban people

Frrom our Bureau of Enlightening Correspondence

Yesterday, Frank Calzón — past director of the Center for a Free Cuba — received a solicitation for campaign funding from none other than Jill Biden, the spouse of Jar Jar Biden.

It was a very typical fundraising plea, which included this line:

“Joe and Kamala are in a fight for the soul of this country — and they can’t win without your help.”

Frank Calzón could not help but remember how Jill Biden sold her soul to the Castro dictatorship during her trip to Castrogonia in 2016

Jill in Havana
Jill Biden walks next to Josefina Vidal (R), former spy expelled from U.S., and present director of U.S. affairs at the Cuban foreign ministry, upon her arrival at Jose Marti airport in Havana, Cuba, October 6, 2016

And here is what Frank Calzón wrote back

Dear Dr Biden, 

I am a Cuban American and just received your fundraising letter. I am writing on my own behalf, since I retired more than a year ago. 

 Everyone makes mistakes and to recognizing them show leadership and character, as the statements by Vice-president Biden acknowledging his error in regard to penalties for certain types of drug crimes demonstrate.

Perhaps no one has brought to your attention the negative impact of your uncritical statements about Cuba’s education, after your visit to Cuba, at a time when only revolutionaries were allowed in the universities, teachers and students were expelled from school due to political reasons, elementary education was little more than indoctrination, and Cubans went to jail for reading books like Orwell’s Animal Farm.

The film of your journey to Cuba, which the White House distributed at the time, is simply wrong and is being used to repress support for Joe Biden’s run for the White House.

Perhaps it might not be too late to tell the Cuban American voters that you were misinformed and you regret the error.

Kindly acknowledge receipt.
Frank Calzón

4 thoughts on “Priceless: Frank Calzón writes to Jill Biden, reminds her of her role in enslaving the Cuban people”

  1. Even if she were to “retract,” it would be fake and done for expediency, and if Biden were to win (God forbid) she’d do the same shit again or worse for the sake of “re-normalization.” Thanks, but no, thanks.

  2. If I’d been in Calzón’s position, I probably would have just told her to take a hike and wear her hair in a way more appropriate for her age, because she’s not fooling anybody except herself.

  3. When it comes to Cuba, this woman is as clueless as her own junkie son on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

    But, of course, the son was merely serving as frontman for daddy’s pay-for-play schemes – the same thing she was doing in Havana (in name of “normalization”). After all, the family business is pretentiousness and corruption. Crime pays, I mean, politics…

    Communists, after all, love to pay homage to any pseudo-intellectual, imbecile, or morally corrupt tool that can serve a purpose.

  4. Basically, the woman is yet another Castro collaborator, and she couldn’t even do it discreetly–a useful idiot at best. I’ve no doubt she wanted the attention of “making a statement” and, at least in her mind, “making a difference.” Castro, Inc. can smell her kind many miles away, and it has decades of experience in turning such people to advantage–not that it’s difficult, since they’re practically begging to be used.

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