Do black Cuban lives matter? White socialist policeman viciously attacks black Cuban dissident

From our C’est toujours la même chose Bureau with some assistance from our Socialist Social Justice Desk

Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter Marxists intentionally ignore the plight of black Cubans and the systemic racism of the Castro regime.

Don’t expect any demonstrations or riots her in the U.S. in response to this incident of racist police abuse.

Abridged and loosely translated from CiberCuba:

Dissident Aníbal Riviaux Figueredo, a member of the National Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), was beaten in the middle of the street by a State Security agent when he was going to the headquarters of his organization, in Santiago de Cuba.

The moment was captured with his cell phone by José Daniel Ferrer, leader of UNPACU, and in the video it is clearly seen how after a brief discussion, the policeman, much larger than Riviaux, ounched him twice in the face in full view of a passersby.

The image was published by Ferrer on his Twitter account. Riviaux, a former political prisoner, who confronts the Castro dictatorship relentlessly and is always being threatened by it. .

Ferrer said: “This is Cuba. We’re under siege by repressive forces throughout the country. See how a political police officer hits the UNPACU activist and promoter of CUBA DECIDES Aníbal Riviaux Figueredo, a former political prisoner. Special troops are surrounding the UNPACU national headquarters right now.”, …

… Riviaux Figueredo suffered an arbitrary search of his home on October 10 by three agents of the political police, as reported by José Daniel Ferrer, who, as on this occasion, was able to capture testimony of the abuse with his phone.

“And this black Cuban maroon, who got tired of being a slave, makes them flee armed with a cell phone,” said the UNPACU leader.

Members of this organization have suffered constant harassment from regime forces, which intensified in the days leading up to the October 10 commemoration.

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