Trump says: ‘Cuba wants to cut a deal because they’re desperate’

From our Bureau of Ambiguous Statements

In an interview with CiberCuba, the Trumpinator said that Castrogonia must make concessions before he makes any deals with Castro, Inc. But the way he phrased it makes it sound as if he knows that Castro, Inc. is on the ropes, ready to collapse.

Ambiguous wording. What he said could be taken a number of ways, especially since the point of comparison is how he’s dealt with North Korea.. Will he make deals for small concessions that really change nothing? Or will he wait for huge concessions?

Of course, all of this speculation about policy talk depends on his re-election tomorrow.

Will he be back? Buckle your seatbelts. Hold on to your dentures. Yuuuuge day ahead…

CiberCuba: You have been able to sit down at the negotiating table with a dictator like Kim Jong-un. Would you sit down to resolve your differences with Cuba in the same way

Donald Trump: Cuba wants to cut a deal because they’re desperate. We’re hitting the Castro dictatorship very hard. We have to see what concessions the Cuban governments is willing to make before we even talk about sitting down with Cuba.

What I will not do is what Joe Biden and Barack Obama did, which was a total disgrace, and that is to give the Castros and their families MILLIONS of dollars in return for NOTHING. The Castros are very, very rich, but the Cuban people got absolutely NOTHING in return for Joe Biden’s weak and pathetic one-sided deal with them. That was very unfair. 

Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s already promising to lift sanctions on the Cuban dictatorship without asking for anything in return. He is incompetent and corrupt. Cuban Americans know this, and all Americans know this. We need to be strong with the Cuban regime. The only one who doesn’t understand this is Joe Biden because he’s not very bright. 

What the Castros have done to Cuba, which was once a thriving country, is a crime. It is absolutely horrible. I know how much my great friends in the Cuban American community have suffered under the Castro dictatorship. That regime must pay for what they’ve done. We need justice for the Cuban people and I will continue to fight for it..

You can read the whole interview HERE, in English

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  1. Castro, Inc. cannot or will not concede much, because it will not violate the prime directive, which is to retain absolute power at any cost. It would rather sink the country ever deeper than risk losing power. And yes, the “diaspora” is an absolutely critical and essential component of its “resistance.”

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