German tourism chiefs declare Cuba a ‘very safe’ destination for apartheid dream holidays

Übermenschen in Kuba

Gute Nachrichten für euch, Apartheid-liebende deutsche Leute!

Good news for you, apartheid-loving German people!

Kuba ist jetzt sicher zu besuchen. Kubanische Wilde haben die Pest unter Kontrolle.

Cuba is now safe to visit. Cuban savages have the plague under control.

Jawohl. Diese kubanischer Üntermenschen werden Sie mit offenen Armen empfangen und auf Ihre Wünsche eingehen, während Sie den Luxus der Apartheid genießen.

Yes, indeed. those Cuban inferior beings will welcome you with open arms and cater to your every whim while you enjoy apartheid luxury.

Verpassen Sie nicht diese Gelegenheit, etwas Sonne zu fangen und Ihre Überlegenheitsgefühle zu genießen. Verpassen Sie nicht diese Gelegenheit, Kubaner mit Ihrem Coronavirus zu infizieren.

Don’t pass up this chance to catch some sun and revel in your feelings of superiority. Don’t pass up this opportunity to infect Cubans with your coronavirus.

Jawhol. Laßt uns lebensraum für den herrenvolk schaffen! Let’s make more living space for the master race!

(Comment from noble savage Tres Fotutos: Well…superior beings, if it’s true that “hygiene procedures in Cuban hotels work just as well as in Europe” — as you claim — then you’re screwed. Isn’t most of Europe going through plague hell right now?)

Gute Wilde. Noble savages.

From FVW International Travel News

Cuba is one of the few long-haul destinations open for German holidaymakers at present and offers a safe option for sun-seeking travellers, tourism chiefs and travel agents confirmed on a recent high-profile trip.

Some 150 passengers, including top industry figures and various travel agents, flew with Condor on a specially organised trip to Varadero to experience for themselves how Cuba is ensuring safe holidays for international tourists.

“We have the pandemic under control,” declared Cuban prime minister Manuel Marrero at an official reception for the German group. The island has relatively low levels of infections. All international travellers have to take a free corona test upon arrival at the airport, with the result on the next day.

“It’s important that so many German travel industry leaders are here to show what is possible and how creative we have to be,” Heidrun Tempel, the German ambassador to Cuba, told the group.

Norbert Fiebig, president of the German Travel Industry Association (DRV), said it makes no sense for politicians to warn against travelling to non-risk areas. “We want to have and must have the chance to conduct our business wherever it is possible from a health perspective.”

“The chancellor has said what she thinks of travel but here on Cuba we see the reality – destinations which are safe,” declared Sören Hartmann, CEO of DER Touristik Group. “We want to send a signal,” added Gerald Kassner, owner of Schauinsland-Reisen.

Finn Ackermann, global commercial director of Iberostar, which co-hosted the trip, underlined: “Hygiene procedures in the hotels (on Cuba) work just as well as in Europe.”…

…Condor relaunched flights to Cuba in October as there was no travel warning for Varadero and hoped for ad-hoc last-minute bookings. It has three weekly flights from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, with contingents booked by all major tour operators.

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Pestlose kubanischer Huren. Plague-free Cuban whores.

3 thoughts on “German tourism chiefs declare Cuba a ‘very safe’ destination for apartheid dream holidays”

  1. One would have thought Germans would be smarter about this than Canadians. Apparently not.

    One more example of why you should never count on outsiders to help you or at least avoid harming you just because that would be the right thing to do. It’s not about right vs. wrong but about what people want for themselves. It’s not just that Cubans can’t depend on the likes of Russia, China or Iran for help, but that they can’t count on ANYBODY but themselves.

  2. Don’t those mammies look authentic? Sure they do. They’re authentically fake and truly bogus. But don’t mind them, especially since Castro, Inc. is behind such grotesque stereotyping passing as “local color.” The real problem is that foreign tourists apparently love this shit, which is why it’s being pushed at them.

  3. “German travel industry leaders are here to show what is possible and how creative we have to be.” And to show that it is apparently not possible to be decent human beings. As if there were no better options.

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