State Security threatens Cuban race equality activist with indictment for criticizing the communist regime

Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna

This is what “social justice” and “racial equality” looks like for Afro Cubans in socialist Cuba.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Activist faces indictment for ‘subversion’ and ‘ridiculing’ Diaz-Canel

Cuban State Security has threatened race equality activist Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna with an indictment for his activism.

Agents from State Security and the National Revolutionary Police arrested him at his home in Havana on Thursday and he was detained for several hours. After his release on Friday, Madrazo Luna agreed to an interview with Radio Television Martí, where he provided details of his detention.

“They searched my home for almost an hour and confiscated two laptops, cash, five small video cameras, two personal hard drives, and a folder where I kept invoices,” said the national coordinator for the Citizen Committee for Racial Integration (CIR), founded in 2008.

“I was taken to the police station on Zapata and C where they kept me in a jail cell for almost an hour. They then took me up to an office and began their interrogation. First of all, they told me they already had enough evidence to arrest me for having ties to foreign entities that were trying to subvert order in the country, which in this case, they said they had all they needed,” he said.

The warning from his interrogators also included a reference to Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel: “If we continue ridiculing the president on social media, they were not going to permit us to do that.”

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2 thoughts on “State Security threatens Cuban race equality activist with indictment for criticizing the communist regime”

  1. You don’t mess with Massah Castro’s racially perfect utopia, where everyone is a slave but black slaves have to be extra obedient and extra grateful–and if they’re not, they get extra-harsh “correction.”

    And remember, no matter what happens to him or any other black Cuban who stands up to Massah, it does NOT matter to Massah’s legion of foreign black apologists.

  2. I am sorry but do we really need more talk about “equality” in Cuba? I suppose some people are slow at learning a lesson.

    Granted, have white Cubans suddenly been allowed to own private property, travel, trade, speak, assemble, have a civic society, etc? No, they have not. Thus, what “equality” are we talking about?

    That said, Cuba’s problems aren’t racial (they never were) but rather political. The last time I checked, most of those in exile, like most political prisoners and those executed, were white.

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