Student’s mother exposes horrific conditions at Cuban universities

Revolutionary hygiene: University in Las Villas

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice and Hygiene in Higher Education with some assistance from our resident expert on gag reflexes, Doctora Palangana De Asco y Fatiga, Profesora Emerita, University of Havana

Hey, kids, want to go to college in Castrogonia?

Here is a brief glimpse of what you will have to put up with, along with constant indoctrination and a woefully inadequate education.

And beware: you’d better never complain, because if you do you’ll be expelled for criticizing the ever-glorious “Revolution” that turned Cuba into a paradisaical socialist utopia.

Revolutionary hygiene: University in Camaguey

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

The deterioration and abandonment of the restrooms of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computing of the Central University “Martha Abreu” of Las Villas was denounced by the mother of one of his students, who came to help her son, who suffered hypoglycemia The victim herself told CiberCuba, but refused to be identified.

“Here (the university) it seems that they do not train future Cuban professionals, this is a pigsty and poorly cared for,” added the mother, shocked by the state of the facilities where her diabetic son studies.

I went to pick up my son from the university because he had hypoglycemia and, when I accompanied him to [the restroom] to vomit, I found the phenomenon, she said, and, “with the stink of urine my eyes were crying, this had never been mentioned to me”, the complainant specified.

The deterioration of educational facilities in Cuba is a “normal” event for Cuban students, said the mother of the student from the Villa Clara university, who accompanied her statements with images.

The pro-government media boast of free education in Cuba, but never speak of the “terrible conditions” of most educational facilities, including the lack of hygiene, she stressed.

In 2018, an Internet user denounced on his Facebook profile the poor condition of the bathrooms at the University of Camagüey and said: Students don’t dare to complain or expose this in fear they will be expelled because “The University is for revolutionaries only.”

That same year, the state of abandonment of the facilities of the University of Informational Sciences, in Havana, came to light, where, among others, the Castro regime trains the members of the so-called Rapid Response Information Brigades who dedicate themselves to filling social networks on the internet with propaganda in defense of Castroism.

Socialist hygiene: University of Informational Sciences
Hey, stop it! Unfair! Keep it up and you’ll be among the first to be guillotined when we take over the U.S.

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