Cuban dissident sexually abused, threatened with death by Castro police

Diasniurka Salcedo

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice

It doesn’t take much to get arrested and abused or tortured in Castrogonia.

Here is one of thousands upon thousands of stories that could be told by someone who has experienced the full brunt of Castronoid violence.

The full story in CiberCuba contains more details than the excerpt below. In addition to being sexually violated, this dissident had her phone smashed, and after being released is still being harassed by the police officers who raped her, one of whom has threatened to take away her food ration card “because rations belong only to good revolutionaries.” The same rapist has also threatened to kill her.

When leftists speak of “social justice” this is precisely what they mean.

Social justice, yes!

Cuban dissident Diasniurka Salcedo has denounced through a Facebook direct that on Wednesday, November 18, she was the victim of sexual abuse by two agents of the National Revolutionary Police. Sources close to the activists assure that she was raped.

“I was unfortunately abused, in the worst way that a human being can be abused. When I say abused, I mean it in bigger words. All women know what I mean when I say that I was abused by two men: sexually and sexually. more brutal way, “he said.

“They abused me because I was alone, because they handcuffed me. I cry with rage. It’s nothing else. I’m not going to stop until you (Oscar, his repressor) and the other berraco pay for what they did. I swear you’re not going to play never again to a woman, “he said.

Salcedo was summoned on Thursday in the Alquízar Police Unit by the military Counterintelligence. She was interrogated by Oscar, her repressor, recently promoted. “Oscar abused me two days ago when I was in Havana. They thought I was going to San Isidro,” he said…

… It is not the first time that Salcedo has suffered humiliation. Last September, she was arrested by the Cuban police, beaten and forced to squat naked. After being released, she denounced the details of her detention.