4 thoughts on “Talking Cuban Americans and the 2020 election and human rights abuses in Cuba”

  1. Great interview and you made many good points, I particularly liked when you listed some of the reasons that Cubans voted for Trump and some of the insults that we Cubans have received for voting for Trump [you want to be “white,” etc…], but my main criticism and I do it from a contructive place is that you kept on bringing it back to Hispanics, including Hispanics in your commetary about Cubans and joining us at the hip with other Hispanics. For instance, when you said that we Hispanics do not like to play the victim role. Cubans don’t like to play the victim role, but from my experience other Hispanics [particularly chicanos] play into it keenly. For this reason and because being associated with people with so many social problems [out-of-wedlock motherhood, large high school drop out rate, gang violence, etc..] only brings us down, we need to distance ourselves form our dear, dear latino “brothers and sisters” not play up to our similiarities. Have we not had enough being thrown into this ghastly basket of Latinoness that has essentially stolen our identies as Cubans? Let’s not contribute to it.

    • The problem is it’s hard to tell it like it is without sounding offensive, but we really owe absolutely nothing to “Latinos,” not least because they’ve not only done nothing for Cuba, but they’ve worked against it, whether directly or indirectly, deliberately or collaterally. Anybody who’s in the Dems’ pocket is bad for Cuba, not to mention the US–it’s that simple, and I have zero inclination to cater to or support such people, let alone identify as being one of them.

    • Thank you, Rayarena. I’m glad you enjoyed it. In regards to Hispanics and playing the role of victim, I agree with you that there are very many prominent Mexican Americans in politics and the media who love to play victim as a means to achieve their goals. It is therefore no surprise they are all left of center or extreme leftists. But for regular Mexican Americans, that is often not the case. This is clear with the huge gains Trump made in South Texas among Mexican American districts. Despite all the racist rhetoric and attacks, they voted more than ever for Trump.

      The “Chicano/Latinx” cadre is certainly the loudest and they want us all to believe they speak for the majority of Hispanic Americans. But the truth is, they are simply the loudest and nothing more than a minority.

      • Alas, “victimhood” can get you stuff, so to speak, even if it’s at the expense of your dignity and integrity, and there are always people perfectly willing to go that route. Plenty of people do NOT think or operate in terms of dignity or integrity but in terms of expediency and convenience. It is what it is.

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