Update: Cuban authorities arrest suspect in murder of Canadian tourist

From our Bureau of Cuban Dream Holidays From Hell and our Bureau of Socialist Funerary Compassion

Eight days after the corpse of a Canadian tourist was found buried in the sand at Varadero beach, Castronoid police claim to have arrested her murderer. As usual, Castro, Inc. is not divulging any details to Canadian diplomats or the victim’s family. And they aren’t releasing the victim’s body either, claiming that they need it for their murder investigation.

Chances are that Castro, Inc. will also demand a steep fee for releasing the body, something they do routinely with the corpses of tourists who die on the island.

Here’s a true story, told to me by the person to whom it happened:

While enjoying a dream holiday in Castrogonia, a Belgian tourist died of a heart attack due to inept medical care. When his grieving widow went to request her husband’s corpse so she could fly home with it,, Castronoid officials informed her that she needed to fork over 2,500 Euros in cash.

When she explained she didn’t have that much cash, and that she could only withdraw 250 Euros per day from ATM machines, the officials coldly said she could solve her problem by withdrawing 250 Euros for ten consecutive days from her hotel’s ATM. Simply put: No cash, no corpse. Stay here for ten more days. Dea;l with it, lady; your grief is not our concern.

Eventually, the Belgian embassy was able to help her come up with the money, but she had to put up with Castronoid cruelty and greed for several days before flying home with her husband’s corpse.

True story. God only knows how often this crap happens.

From The Montreal Gazette.

The body of 52-year-old Antoinette Traboulsi, a hospital worker from the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, was discovered buried on a beach on Nov. 17 in the Cuban resort town of Varadero. On Nov. 13, she arrived in the town for what was supposed to be a two-week vacation, but she did not show up for a scheduled meeting with a friend on Nov. 14.

Her family in Montreal received very little information about the homicide. But on Wednesday, Traboulsi’s cousin, Sami Soussa, received an email from Global Affairs Canada informing him that someone was arrested as a suspect in her death.

“They didn’t release the name, the age or even the sex of the suspect,” Soussa said of the email. Global Affairs Canada did not even say whether the suspect is a Cuban citizen or someone who was also visiting Cuba.

“The only way that I can get information is from Global Affairs. If the Cuban police are going to divulge information, it will be to them.”

Global Affairs Canada manages diplomatic relations between Canada and foreign governments and provides consular support.

Soussa said Traboulsi’s family has not been given an estimate on when they can recover her body to have it returned to Canada. He said the body has yet to be released by authorities because of the ongoing homicide investigation.

Whole story HERE

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  1. The prime directive is very clear and does not allow for bourgeois sentiments. Any opportunity to make real money MUST be exploited, and extortion of grieving tourists is perfectly valid as a means to an end.

    And by the way, this whole “we’ve got the killer” scenario could well be a montaje, meaning a complete fabrication for the sake of appearances. There is certainly no way to investigate or verify anything of this sort in a place like Castrogonia, and the Canadian government is not even going to try.

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