Court in Cuban colony of Venezuela sentences ‘Citgo 6’ Americans to long prison terms on corruption charges

Citgo 6 hostages

From our Bureau of Latrine American Jurisprudence

Following directions from Havana, a Venenozuelan court has found six American oilmen guilty of “corruption” as a means of proving that the collapse of the Venezuelan economy can’t be blamed on its Castronoid socialist policies.

Yeah, the Venezuelan disaster has been caused by corrupt American capitalists.

These businessmen have already spent three years trapped in Venenozuela awaiting trial in detention, unable to see their families. Now they face several years more in prison.

Socialist social justice at work again…. delivered on Thanksgiving Day, too, for good measure.

King Raul and his puppet Viceroy Nicolas Maduro are very happy with the verdict, very happy, indeed.

From Granma Ultra-Lite (Associated Press):

Six American oil executives held for three years in Venezuela were found guilty of corruption charges by a judge Thursday and immediately sentenced to prison, dashing hopes of a quick release that would send them home to their families in the United States.

Some relatives had been bracing for the disheartening outcome, which came on the evening of Thanksgiving Day.

Alirio Rafael Zambrano, brother to two of the men, said they were “undeniably innocent” and victims of “judicial terrorism.” No evidence in the case supports a guilty conviction, he said.

“We, the family, are heartbroken to be separated even further from our loved ones,” Zambrano said in a phone message from New Jersey. “We pray that the leaders of our nation step forward and continue to fight unceasingly for their freedom and human rights.”

Attorney María Alejandra Poleo, who helped represent three of the men, said the case was “void of evidence.” “Of course, the defense will appeal the decision,” she said.

The so-called Citgo 6 are employees of Houston-based Citgo refining company, which is owned by Venezuela’s state oil company, PDVSA. They had been lured to Venezuela three years ago for a business meeting and were arrested on corruption charges.

Their arrest launched a purge by President Nicolás Maduro’s government of PDVSA and at a time when relations between Caracas and Washington were crumbling as Venezuela plummeted into economic and social crisis.

Five of the men were sentenced to prison terms of 8 years and 10 months, while one of them received a 13-year sentence. Defense attorney Jesus Loreto said the five with lesser terms could be released on parole in a couple of years.

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2 thoughts on “Court in Cuban colony of Venezuela sentences ‘Citgo 6’ Americans to long prison terms on corruption charges”

  1. Would they do that if the oilmen were, say, Russian? Of course not, for they know that, although Russia isn’t a “superpower”, it isn’t a bluff either. Needless to say, Castro Inc. knows USA is hot air and the biggest fraud of them all.

    Castro Inc. also knows that el “Imperio Yankee” will, specially if the left succeeds in robbing the US presidential election, come to Cubazuela’s rescue under the pretext of freeing six pawns and helping the Venezuelan “people.”

    After all, President Trump did nothing but interrupt business as usual, not to say the charade.

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