Why Democrats lost a huge chunk of the Hispanic vote to Trump and the GOP and are set to lose more

As long as the Democrat Party continues to peddle the failed policies of socialism and demonize those who prize freedom and hard work, they will continue losing more of the Hispanic American vote.

Our good friend Giancarlo Sopo explains in a great great interview by Vanessa Vallejo in El American:

President Trump’s Gains with Hispanics Are Just The Beginning: Giancarlo Sopo

Trump has delivered the lowest poverty levels and best jobs numbers for Hispanics. Yet, President Trump’s policy achievements were often suppressed, and sometimes even distorted, by networks like Univision

Trump has achieved a significant increase in the Hispanic vote, in large part because he achieved historically low unemployment and poverty rates for that population, yet Democrats and most of the media continue to call him racist and insist that Latinos should vote Democratic.

We interviewed Giancarlo Sopo, a Cuban American that served as one of Trump campaign’s top Hispanic communication strategist, and who knows the Latino community very well, to talk about the benefits that Hispanics achieved during the Trump administration and the negative consequences that can come with a Biden administration.

Vanessa Vallejo: President Trump got a significant increase in the Latino vote, and he gained Florida again. Trump also launched many Latino initiatives. Why is that? There are those who simply don’t understand that a Latino can vote for Trump. You worked closely with the Latino community. How do you explain it?

Giancarlo Sopo: The election results have made it clear that people like Univision’s Jorge Ramos and liberal Latino activists have sold the country’s leading political commentators and television networks a caricature of Hispanic American voters that may flatter their personal biases but bears little resemblance to much of the electorate. The truth is that Hispanics are far more conservative than what many have been led to believe.

Since the election, liberal activists have resorted to three theories to wokesplain President Trump’s gains with Latinos:

The first has been to argue that Trump’s 2020 performance was simply average or a regression to the historical mean of how Republicans tend to do with Latinos. They do this by pointing to the national exit poll, which shows President Trump earned 32% of the national Latino vote, which would be a 4-point improvement from 2016. The problem, of course, is that it’s evident that much of the public polling regularly fails to capture Trump voters and there is no reason to believe the exit polls are an exception. In fact, the election results in heavily-Hispanic areas — such as certain precincts in Philadelphia, South Texas, Orlando, and elsewhere — are consistent with the President’s share of the Latino vote being closer to 35 to 40%.

The second tactic that Democrats and liberal media commentators use is to attribute President Trump’s gains with Hispanics to “conservative malfeasance”, such as “disinformation campaigns” or, as Beto O’Rourke said, “powerful memes.” Obviously, this is pathetic and laughable, but it allows Democratic operatives and liberal Latino activists to save face and dismiss President Trump’s inroads as ill-begotten.

Finally, when Republicans do well with Latinos, the underlying assumption from much in the media is that these votes were supposed to go to the Democrats, but they just dropped the ball. This is self-serving nonsense. It offers Latino activist groups a message to attract funding, and it doesn’t really withstand scrutiny when you consider that some of our largest gains with Hispanics occured in areas where we actually never even ran a single Spanish language ad.

The simple truth that Univision and others refuse to grapple with is that much of President Trump’s policy agenda is actually quite popular with significant shares of the Latino electorate, and no, I’m not just talking about Cuban Americans.

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  1. This only works in a free country with free and honest elections.
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