Shocking! Cuban government officials hold talks with protesting San Isidro artists

protesters at the Ministry of Culture, Havana

From our Bureau of Colossal Deceitfulness with assistance from our Healthy Skepticism Desk

Ha! Anyone who has lived in Castrogonia or still lives in Castrogonia knows what will happen next: Nothing. Castro, Inc. is as open to real dialogue with dissenters a hungry shark is open to skipping an easy-to-devour meal.

While it is heartening to see hundreds of Cubans stage any kind of protest at a Castronoid ministry — and they all deserve praise for risking arrest — the sad truth is that Castro, Inc. is a devilish master at hollow publicity stunts.

“You wanna talk? Sure. Here’s a blonde blue-eyed deputy minister who will listen to your complaints.. We’ll pretend we’re talking.”

And how does that deputy minister describe the first meeting held yesterday? Quote:  “una discusión entre compañeros revolucionarios” (a dialogue between revolutionary comrades.”

Yeah. That sounds promising….

Castronoid Deputy Minister of Culture Fernando Rojas: Asturiano or Gallego?

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters), which is taking this stunt seriously, as Castro Inc. knew it would, along with all other foreign news agencies..

And… Isn’t it a bit peculiar that the protesters and the deputy minister are all light-skinned Cubans of predominantly European descent? Keep in mind, Castrogonia is now a largely black nation (about 75 to 80 percent, by some estimates).

Extremely peculiar.

A rare public protest in Cuba of more than 300 artists, activists and members of the public outside the culture ministry to denounce repression and censorship ended early on Saturday after demonstrators said they agreed with officials to open an unprecedented dialogue.

Thirty of the protesters including performance artist Tania Bruguera and film director Fernando Perez met for more than four hours with Deputy Minister Fernando Rojas and said they had agreed to start a series of meetings to resolves differences.

The group said Rojas also agreed to review the cases of a rapper sentenced this month to eight months in jail on charges of contempt and a dissident artist detained since Thursday.

Cuba’s Communist government had previously dismissed both as mercenaries directed by its arch enemy the United States, as it generally does with dissidents.

Not all of the protesters outside the ministry were convinced by the non-binding reassurances, and were disappointed no officials came out to give a briefing on the meeting.

But most said it was already an historic achievement to have forced the government to talk with those who think differently and for some, broken the fear of speaking out in public in the one party state.

“It’s a special flame that ignited here today,” said activist and music promoter Michel Matos, who took part in the meeting with Rojas.

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6 thoughts on “Shocking! Cuban government officials hold talks with protesting San Isidro artists”

  1. Just stalling, buying time, pretending to be “open-minded” and “reasonable” till they get a better handle on the situation so that it will not escalate or get out of hand. This is all calculated for damage control. Remember, the only thing that ever matters to Castro, Inc. is the prime directive.

  2. Doesn’t the, uh, Minister just, uh, emanate culture? Doesn’t he look, you know, exquisitely sensitive?

    Lord, the travesty.

    • He reminds me of a gym teacher, a baseball coach really, I once knew. He too had a cushy job working for the state under some fancy title.

      He was the cervecero type who was occasionally shouted at by his wife and kicked out of the house for cheating – before the eminent divorce. His sons eventually grew up to be no more than a pair of tattooed douchebags who maxed out in high school.

      Let’s just say I recognize the face of a classless and shameless hack when I see one.

      That said, the only culture this fool can represent is that of the very party that hired him, the PCC. That culture is, of course, totally worthless under a socioeconomically free and competent society.

  3. Fernando Rojas is the older brother of the “respected” professor and author Rafael Rojas who teaches in Mexico, but regularly lectures in the US and all over the world and is a commentator on Cuba issues. Rojas has written several mindnumbingly boring books where he writes hundreds of pages, but manages to say nothing, certainly nothing about repression in Cuba or the need to change the 61 year old ossified castro regime. This is an amazing feat when one considers that the one distinguishing factor about the regime is its sheer brutality. Rojas will for example write extensively about the type of communist that Ché was ignoring that the butcher was nothing more than a sociopath without any principles or genuine intellectuallity, but who like castro used communism as a means to gain power.

    Not surprising that they’re related. By the way, Fernando Rojas uses physical threats against people. Some Minister of Culture! [sigh]

  4. Fernando Rojas is classic Castronoid material and simply reflects Castro, Inc., like Felipe Perro Roque before him. We’re talking loud, crass, aggressive hacks who get and keep their positions by barking like rabidly “revolutionary” dogs, since they know it’s all about the politics. That’s why “Che,” who didn’t know jack shit about economics and didn’t even claim to know, was put in charge of Cuba’s economy, with predictably disastrous results–but it didn’t matter, because he was never supposed to do a good job in real terms. As for Rafael Rojas, I expect he belongs in Mexico–and trust me, that’s an insult.

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