Democrat frontrunners vying for Kamala Harris’ Senate seat are fans of Cuba’s murderous dictatorship

Democrat Reps. Barbara Lee and Karen Bass

California Democrat U.S. Representatives Barbara Lee and Karen Bass are the frontrunners to replace Kamala Harris in the Senate. They’re also fans of Cuba’s murderous dictator, Fidel Castro.

Via Fox News:

Two frontrunners for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ Senate seat have praised former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Democratic California Reps. Karen Bass and Barbara Lee both had positive words for the communist leader in the past.

“I was very sad for the Cuban people,” Lee said upon Castro’s death in 2016, according to the Mercury News. “He led a revolution in Cuba that led social improvements for his people.”

Lee, who met with Castro eight times, also called him “a smart man.”

Lee also issued a statement through her office upon Castro’s passing.

“My deepest condolences to Fidel Castro’s family and the Cuban people during this time. While there are many disagreements between our countries, President Castro was a recognized world leader who was dedicated to the Cuban people,” she said. ?”It is my hope that we continue to build on President Obama’s efforts to end the failed embargo, lift the? travel ban and normalize relations between our two countries.”

Bass traveled to Cuba in 1973 with an organization called the Venceremos Brigade, a joint venture between the regime and left-wing U.S. groups that organized trips for Americans to build homes in the country. During that trip she went to see Castro speak.

In 2016, when Castro died, she referred to him as “commandante en jefe” (commander in chief), and said his passing was a “great loss to the people of Cuba.”

With the Democrat Party’s embrace of socialism, political frontrunners who praise a murderous communist dictator like Barbara Lee and Karen Bass are no longer the exception.

3 thoughts on “Democrat frontrunners vying for Kamala Harris’ Senate seat are fans of Cuba’s murderous dictatorship”

  1. Fans of Castro, Inc.? So are all people who matter in CA. Lee and Bass wouldn’t even have to hide or deny it.

  2. And of course, if a white male candidate ran against either Lee or Bass, no matter how well qualified or how clearly superior he might be for the job, he wouldn’t stand a chance. But don’t blame Lee or Bass, who would of course take advantage but didn’t create such irrationality or hypocrisy. Blame our current society.

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