Silverio Portal Contreras: The horrors of being a political prisoner in communist Cuba

After more than two years in a Castro gulag, Silverio Portal was released and now tells the horrific tale of the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of the socialist dictatorship.

Via Martí Noticias:

‘There was physical abuse’: Silverio Portal describes the horror he experienced in prison

Political prisoner and activist for the opposition group Cuba Independent and Democratic (CID), Silverio Portal Contreras, who was released on parole this past Tuesday, holds State Security responsible for his current precarious health condition.

Over the last two and a half years, the dissident has suffered two strokes that have affected his vision, his ability to move and speak, and high blood pressure.

Despite his delicate heath, Portal Contreras was placed in a punishment cell several times in retaliation for denouncing the human rights violations of prison officials and guards during his time in prison.

“I was given a four-year prison sentence for opposing the Cuban government and it was State Security that has handled my case from the beginning. Look at my condition two years later: two strokes and because of them, my heart is enlarged and I blame State Security,” said the former political prisoner in an interview with Radio Television Martí.

“Yes, I was physically abused: what they did to me was politically motivated,” said the opposition member.

The CID member said that inside Prison 1580, in the town of San Miguel del Padron in Havana, conditions are terrible.

“Well, you see, I can tell you that the food served inside 1580 is horrible. What they serve is pig feed. And one of the reasons they released me is because of the lack of medications. I was prescribed five different medications and they don’t have any of them […] there’s no wheelchairs, there are no pajamas in the hospital ward. There are many prisoners suffering different illnesses and there’s nothing to treat them. There’s also no sheets or towels,” he said.

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