AOC hawking socialist sweaters and t-shirts sold at top capitalist dollars

Once again we see that socialism can neither produce anything or survive on its own without capitalist funding. Despite all their talk of the evils of capitalism, socialists like AOC seem to always be on the prowl to score some capitalist dollars.

By Juan Felipe Velez in El American:

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Merchandise: Social Justice at Ralph Lauren Prices

Because that coffee planted by slave labor in Vietnam tastes better if it is served at a social justice cup.

In a new initiative to raise money and combat capitalism, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started a clothing brand where she offers gender-neutral outfits, manufactured by unions, made in the United States and 100% cotton. All this for the modest price of $58 per sweater.

Ignoring the fact that a $58 hoodie is an excellent argument on why we should import more textiles from China, that beautiful TAX THE RICH is the perfect excuse for more white children to join the cause for social justice at the expense of their parents’ wallets.

Among the other garments offered by the Ocasio-Cortez store, there are messages cheering from Green New Deal to deeply original phrases like “change takes courage.” All for the modest sum of $ 27 dollars for the cheapest piece.

The t-shirt that stands out the most is the one where you can read student debt crossed out right in the middle of the chest because of what better way of expressing your outrage for not finding a job after 4 years in college pursuing a degree in gender studies than a $27 t-shirt.

In case the high-design and 100% cotton shirts are not enough, in the Ocasio-Cortez store you will also find items such as shopping bags, which normally cost $ 5 in Whole Foods. However, since social justice is not cheap, the congresswoman’s store also costs $ 27. A deal.

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1 thought on “AOC hawking socialist sweaters and t-shirts sold at top capitalist dollars”

  1. I have no problem with AOC per se. She’s performing to capacity, and there’s no point trying to get blood from a turnip. Besides, it is NOT her fault that she’s been taken at all seriously or achieved celebrity status, which is exactly what I’d say about Kim Kardashian. Our society, after all, IS decadent and degenerate.

    And if you think anybody like her is not going to take advantage of what’s been put on her lap, regardless of talent or merit, and milk it for all it’s worth, then you’re dreaming. It’s the same as with any politician, no matter how lousy or toxic, who’s enabled and empowered by lousy voters. Ask Obama.

    And by the way, what she’s really doing with this stuff, knowingly or not, is mocking those who’d pay her for it, and they deserve to be mocked–fools deserve to be parted from their money.

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