Castrophiliac Vermont Senator Leahy defends Cuban government again on issue of sonic attacks

From our Bureau of Incurable Castrophilia

The U.S. Congress is replete with Castrophiliacs, but none can challenge Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy for the title of Most Ardent Lover of Repressive Communism.

Time and time again, Leahy has come to the aid of Castro, Inc..

This untiring crusader for the repressive regime has once again raised his voice on its behalf, denying that the so-called sonic attacks or Havana Syndrome could be attributed to Castro, Inc.

What is it with Vermont, anyway? Why do they keep electing tyranny-loving leftist senators like Leahy and Bernie Sanders? The state has only 628,061 residents, fewer people than Washington D.C.. Only Wyoming has fewer people.

Yet, they fill two senate seats with reprehensible old men whose support of the Castro regime is driven not only by extreme leftist ideology, but also by an inveterate racism that leads them to consider all Cubans on the island as inferior human beings.

From VT Digger:.

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy defended the Cuban government Sunday, saying there is no evidence to suggest the mysterious symptoms dubbed “Havana syndrome” affecting some U.S. spies and foreign service employees is a result of an attack by the Communist regime.

“Several Members of Congress, among others, who rushed to judgment when these illnesses were first reported and publicly accused the Cuban Government, did so without any evidence or factual basis,” Leahy said in a statement released Sunday. 

“None of the investigations and studies that have occurred since then, including by the FBI and the NAS, produced evidence implicating the Cubans, yet they have never retracted those accusations,” the senior senator added. 

Leahy’s comments come after a report by the National Academies of Science (NAS) went public that said the odd symptoms — which include hearing high-pitched sounds, feeling changes in air pressure, dizziness, headaches, sleep issues, unsteadiness and blurred vision — that U.S. diplomats in China and Cuba have experienced since 2016 are the result of targeted microwave energy. 

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3 thoughts on “Castrophiliac Vermont Senator Leahy defends Cuban government again on issue of sonic attacks”

  1. Ah, the sperm procurer, and for a convicted Castro spy accessory to the murder of American citizens. Need one say more about a man who presumes to be senatorial? Well, I suppose he can’t help it if VT voters are so very, VERY cretinous. The old SOB has hijeputez written all over him. Talk about repulsive.

  2. People like Leahy, who are all too common, are one reason it is essential to have very large reserves of contempt. Sadly, in many such cases, there is practically no other way to deal with such miseria humana.

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