CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Cuban police brutally beat Afro-Cuban man, fire weapons

Black Lives Don’t Matter in socialist Cuba. In this video you can witness Cuban police brutally beating an Afro-Cuban man. When the crowd responds and tries to stop it, they pull out their firearms and shoot them into the air.

Via Democratic Spaces:

Police beating a man in Cuba and opening fire amidst a crowd of people that call them abusive and stand up for their rights. Following the calls to protest by Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and the San Isidro Movement, a wave of individual and collective acts of rebellions have occurred throughout Cuba as people got tired of witnessing their human rights violated in the context of a dictatorship that prevents Cubans from deciding their own future in free and fair elections.

The exact date and location of the video is unknown but it was uploaded on Facebook on Dec 4, 2020 and it serves as documentary evidence of police brutality and human rights violations in Cuba where citizens are powerless as they lack an independent media and independent judiciary to file reports of police brutality and mobilize public opinion against it.

Cuba has been ruled by one of the world’s oldest and longest lasting dictatorship.

UPDATE: Since YouTube has decided to remove a video that reflects badly on Cuba’s socialist Castro dictatorship, here is the video via Twitter:

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  1. Not a problem. The issue is not being black, but being black AND useful to the usual suspects. Being black only gets you “extra credit” if you belong to the Left’s plantation. Just ask Clarence Thomas.

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