Big Lie update: Another prize-worthy misleading Cuba headline

Safest destination in the world

From our Victories of the Ministry of Truth Bureau

From the Rio Times (Brazil)

How’s this for a headline tightly-packed with lies, misinformation and prevarications?

International Tourists Flock to Cuba’s Secluded Beaches Amid Pandemic
Alejandro Jaime, director general at Memories Flamenco hotel, said that Cuba is one of the safest destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean due to the strength of the island’s health system.

  1. Tourists aren’t actually “flocking” to Castrogonia. Some airlines are slowly renewing flights to the island, but they are doing so with greatly reduced schedules. The total number of tourists remains relatively low.

2 “Secluded” is a verbal cloaking device for “Apartheid”

3 Cuba is not at all a safe destination. Coronavirus infections are still on the rise, even according to the unreliable statistics released by the liars at Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Health. And even that lying ministry admits that foreigners continue to bring the virus to the island.

4. Of course, the lie about Castro, Inc.’s health system has to be inserted into every possible news story, but those who live there and those who have lived there know that this is pure stinking bullshit.

“Secluded” beach for tourists only
Beach for Cubans

1 thought on “Big Lie update: Another prize-worthy misleading Cuba headline”

  1. It’s OK, Carlos. Everybody knows it’s BS, or they have no excuse for “ignorance” barring mental retardation, so those who choose to play along with Castro, Inc. and its “safe tourism” fully deserve any harm they incur. Of course, that won’t stop them from playing victim and expecting sympathy, but they are still responsible. The problem is that any and all tourism supports Castro, Inc., and that is the only issue I care about here.

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