Young Cuban who bravely protested for freedom in Havana faces charges of ‘terrorism’

After a courageous protest in Havana demanding freedom that led to his violent arrest by State Security (see video HERE), the communist Castro dictatorship has told Luis Robles Elizastigui he now faces charges of terrorism. This is life in socialist Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Young man who protested with a sign accused of terrorism and contempt

The young man who protested with a sign in Havana in support of the San Isidro Movement and demanding the release of Denis Solis is being accused by the regime of terrorism and contempt, according to Cibercuba.

The video of the young man, Luis Robles Elizastigui, went viral when at the moment of his arrest, many people in the area came to his defense and demanded he not be arrested.

CiberCuba reports it was able to contact Robles’ family and they say the young man has been held in custody since December 5 and is being accused of “terrorism and contempt.”

Opposition member and independent journalist Iliana Hernandez expressed her indignation over this “unjust” act in a Facebook post: “They can’t accuse him of anything, we all saw how he didn’t resist arrest. Please, let’s not allow them to commit this injustice,” wrote Hernandez.

The family of the youth told CiberCuba that supposedly, the charges of terrorism stem from the young man’s connection to the San Isidro Movement and other members of the Cuban opposition when at the moment of his arrest, State Security agents went through his cell phone.