Like Cubans, Venezuelans are dying at sea trying to escape socialism

While Democrats continue pushing for socialism in the U.S., those who actually live under socialism continue throwing themselves into the sea to escape it.

Gabriela Moreno reports in PanAm Post:

Over 100 Venezuelans Have Died in the Caribbean Fleeing Socialism

Since 2018, Venezuelans have died in shipwrecks while heading for the Caribbean islands, hoping to escape Maduro’s regime.

The Caribbean islands are close to Venezuela. When the night covers the northern coasts, you can see the flashing lights of Aruba and Curaçao. The 30 km distance to them seems little, very little. From the southern shores, Trinidad and Tobago is within reach in a couple of hours. From being paradisiacal attractions, they are now the destination of death for those who push themselves into the waters away from the crisis of Nicolás Maduro’s regime.

The sea is an accomplice, and the authorities are executing those who lost their lives drowning in the hope of a better life far from the dictatorship in the last two years.

The mourning and tragedy began in January 2018 when four Venezuelans died trying to reach Curaçao. In October of that same year, two more rafters died off the coast of Aruba. The island’s Minister of Justice, Andin Bikker, reported the incident by pointing out that the whereabouts of 15 of the 20 passengers on the boat were unknown, and three others had survived, including an officer of the Bolivarian National Guard, reported Ciber Cuba.

The number increased in 2019. According to the International Organization for Migration, 80 Venezuelans have died in three shipwrecks since April. And this year, the numbers have risen, with 11 more victims trying to reach Trinidad and Tobago this weekend.

It is confirmed that there are more than 100 victims and that “the Venezuelan tragedy has no limits, not even geographical ones,” says El Mundo.

The shared tragedy

What has happened has an explanation. “Despite the bitter and tragic lessons history has taught us, humanity has not learned from a holy time that communism kills, always and everywhere. The intention of its precursors or the particular conditions of the country in which it is tried to be put into practice does not matter. The result, without exception, will be the same in all cases: misery, repression, and death.”

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