Cuba’s communist dictatorship to increase price of electricity by 500% in 2021

This is what the “social justice” and “equality” promised by socialism looks like in Cuba: Regular Cubans can’t afford running a fan in the summer while the Communist Party elite bask in air conditioning.

Via El American:

Castro’s Tyranny Increases Price of Electricity by 500% in Cuba

Blackouts will be voluntary as of January 1st in Cuba, where electricity will cost up to 500% more than after years of heavy subsidies, an increase that will make Cubans think twice about turning on the air conditioning or more lights than strictly necessary.

The increase is one of the measures that accompany the long-postponed process of monetary and exchange rate unification that will start on the first day of 2021, along with an expected wage reform and the withdrawal of a good deal of the subsidies previously applied to basic products and services.

If in times of crisis Cubans have always feared programmed supply cuts that reached their greatest intensity in the “special period,” when the population spent more hours without electricity than with it, now the “blackouts” will reluctantly take on the category of self-inflicted, for fear of the electric bill.

“Magic, that’s what we’re going to do”

“I’m going to pray that it will be enough for me to pay the electricity bill at the end of the month because not only did the salary go up, but everything went up, and so we stayed the same,” Isi told EFE, a young tour guide who, when asked what she would do to save on the unexpected bill, “magic, magic, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Until now, basic services were subsidized to a high percentage, which kept the cost of living in the island relatively under control, despite low salaries and pensions.

With the new year, water prices will also increase, while telecommunications for the moment seem to be kept as before, but they already had one of the highest costs in the world.

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1 thought on “Cuba’s communist dictatorship to increase price of electricity by 500% in 2021”

  1. Right. Because “the people” are just there to be controlled, oppressed and used–and those who are not useful do NOT matter. It’s all about the ruling class continuing to live off the BS that goes by the now frankly ridiculous name of “revolution,” which was always bogus but is now an extremely bad and bitter joke.

    But hey, Cubans were at best really, REALLY stupid, and in reality considerably worse than that, so of course there was a high price to pay. In retrospect, the “error” defies belief.

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