Video of the Day: Standing in solidarity with Cuba’s San Isidro Movement

Via Democratic Spaces:

Guaguancuir San Isidro is not alone

A new generation of artists, intellectuals, LGBT, feminists, human rights activists and broader civil society stands up to claim their rights amid an obsolete dictatorship that refuses to listen to the demands for democracy of the Cuban people. The Guaguancuir challenge was launched by Cubans around the world in solidarity with the San Isidro Movement, currently subjected to a harsh persecution, surveillance and public slanders.

Amid the vitriolic language of hatred promoted by the regime, a new generation responds with MUSIC.

San Isidro Is not Alone!

Thanks to the San Isidro Movement in Miami and Omni Kizzy Productions for sharing this video.

4 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Standing in solidarity with Cuba’s San Isidro Movement”

  1. I suppose the “revolution,” that hoary euphemism for Castro, Inc., may finally collapse because it has grown too old and failed too obviously, and by now nobody can expect any better of it except the truly idiotic. It’s like having to put up with a nasty old crone who takes but doesn’t give and only wants to keep taking. Why should the young, especially, continue to tolerate getting screwed and cheated by “historical” frauds?

  2. Asombra,

    Do you think that the regime is really going to collapse? I wish that I could be that optimistic. Now that it seems inevitable that Biden is heading to the White House [and we know what that means: total capituation and aquiescence to the tyranny], my optmism is failing me, especially since I’m starting to see the usual fake news articles surfacing all over the place asking for Biden to restore Obama’s rapproachment that is falsely being called a success. For instance, check out this crap:

    • I’m not necessarily optimistic, but the whole thing is tired and tiresome, and it may collapse of its own dead weight like the USSR did (though hopefully to be replaced by something far better than Gran Putinia). Lord knows it won’t collapse from the help of foreign “progressives,” who only help Castro, Inc. Basically, Cubans themselves would have to do it.

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