Radical Georgia Democrat Warnock refuses to say why Fidel Castro’s bloody legacy is ‘complex’

When asked, Georgia Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock refused to explain why he found Fidel Castro’s nearly 6-decade long history of murder and oppression in Cuba as “complex.” Unless you’re a radical leftist, there’s nothing complex about it.

Via NewsBusters:

Radical Democrat Warnock Won’t Explain His Controversial Castro Comments on ‘View’

Georgia Senate candidate, Democrat Reverend Raphael Warnock was on The View Thursday where he was blessed with a nearly entirely softball interview. However, when he was questioned to explain one controversial comment, he dodged the question to attack his Republican opponent, Kelly Loeffler. 

Going on any media show is usually a cakewalk for any Democrat politician or candidate running for office. They’re rarely asked about their own scandals while invited to attack their opponent. It was the same on The View today for most of the questions, such as Joy Behar’s, “What do you think is the reason that they constantly are lying and in denial?” (referring to Loeffler and GOP).

But Ana Navarro specifically brought up a comment Warnock made in 2016 about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and asked to him to “explain.” Of course she set up the question as if to suggest this was a “false narrative” just like the ones Joe Biden faced.


But Warnock refused to explain the “complex” comment, only briefly denying he ever met Castro at his old church before spending the rest of his answer attacking his opponent

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