Biden’s State Dept. transition team includes staunch defender of Cuba’s repressive dictatorship

Emily Mendrala and her work on behalf of Castro, Inc.

From our Agents of Influence Bureau with some assistance from our Bad Resurrections Desk

Get ready for Jar Jar Biden and Comrade Kamala to resurrect Obama’s shameful and dangerous Cuba policy, and for them to place that pro-Castro policy on steroids and to promote it with a heavy dose of Orwellian newspeak..

John Suarez, director of the Center for a Free Cuba has revealed the following piece of news in an email message to the Center’s board:

Emily Mendrala, the executive director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA), a group advocating for closer ties with Havana, since November has been one of 30 people on President-elect Joe Biden’s agency review team for the State Department.

This means that CDA has a direct line within the Administration to push their agenda. We now know in detail what their plans are.

On December 17, 2020 the CDA and the Washington Office on Latin America released a joint statement and their publication “The United States and Cuba: A New Policy of Engagement” that outlines their recommendations to the Biden Administration over the next four years, while at the same time whitewashing the failures of the prior opening.

The so-called Center for Democracy in the Americas is an aggressive advocate for ultra-lefist dictatorships in Latrine America. Its chief aim is to make U.S. policy more Communist-friendly, all under the banner of the ultimate leftist euphemism of “social justice”.

The CDA website describes the organization’s mission as follows: “We keep policymakers and the public informed on the effects of U.S. policies toward Cuba, Venezuela, Central America, and migrants.

Needless to say, the CDA is as interested in promoting true democracy as the former Soviet-ruled totalitarian colony of East Germany, which was officially named the “German Democratic Republic,”

Emily Medrala, the CDA’s founder and executive director is a leftist Obamanoid who served on the National Security Council as Director for Legislative Affairs during Obama’s last year as occupant of the White House. The Castro Ministry of Truth loves to quote her in publications such as Granma, which once dubbed her a member of “the band of those who love and create.” (Look it up if you doubt this; we refuse to link Babalú directly to the Ministry of Truth)

Prior to serving on the National Security Council, Ms. Mendrala worked in the State Department as Special Advisor to the Coordinator for Cuban Affairs from August 2015 to June 2016, which means that she probably played a crucial role in the formulation of Obama’s horrendous Cuba policy. And prior to that job, she served as Regional Affairs Officer; Central America, from July 2013 to August 2015.

For more information on Ms Mendrala go HERE and HERE. And for a beautifully crafted Orwellian opinion piece she wrote in support of the Maduro dictatorship in the Cuban colony of Venenozuela, go HERE.

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  1. Mendrala may be her married name (in which case, I wonder where the husband is from). She is reportedly “from Raleigh, NC,” and she certainly does not look Hispanic. But of course, she knows and “gets” Cuba much, MUCH better–nay, INFINITELY better–than “those people.” Lord, the contempt.

    Oh, and I forgot that, just like Obama, she also CARES more about Cuba than “those people.” So there.

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