Trying to spin a ‘success’ out of Obama’s miserably failed Cuba policy

The left and defenders of the communist Castro dictatorship hope we all have forgotten what a miserable failure Obama’s “thaw” with the socialist regime in Havana truly was. We have not. They are nevertheless trying to push a Biden administration into adopting the same failed policy and throwing a lifeline to a desperate Castro dictatorship.

In an Op-Ed in the Sun Sentinel, John Suarez goes through a few of the many failures of Obama’s policy of appeasement and surrender to a corrupt and murderous regime:

Reading the Dec. 15 op-ed by William LeoGrande and Peter Kornbluh [“For Biden’s Cuba policy, quid pro quo incrementalism is doomed to fail, Dec. 15”], I was shocked by the numerous omissions the authors made in defending a failed policy.

President Obama’s détente began in 2009 with sanctions loosened and calls for a willingness to negotiate with Havana. This coincided with increasing violence against dissidents, including high-profile opposition leader Oswaldo Payá, who died in a suspicious car crash in Bayamo, Cuba, on July 22, 2012. Payá’s children and the driver of his car that night all say the car was run off the road. The Cuban government, of course, says otherwise.

We highly recommend you read John’s Op-Ed. It is an important reminder of Obama’s failures in Cuba that many are lobbying a return to in the next administration.

It is also important to note the failures of Obama’s Cuba policy were that they did not in any way come even close to obtaining their stated objectives of freedom and democracy in Cuba and achieved the exact opposite. But the the bad consequences the policy did bring about that were supposedly unintended were not necessarily unintended either. For leftists and defenders of the the socialist tyranny, the policy was indeed successful. It was successful in empowering and propping up a murderous regime, which is what they always intended.

3 thoughts on “Trying to spin a ‘success’ out of Obama’s miserably failed Cuba policy”

  1. Obama never even remotely sought to free Cuba from the Castro grip. The whole business was about him and his “legacy,” first and foremost, and secondarily about “normalizing” Castro, Inc. for its benefit. Anyone who claims the opposite has already lost me–certainly on Cuba, but pretty much everything else.

  2. As for being shocked over the charitably termed “omissions” by PeoGrande and his fellow “expert,” the only shock is that their, uh, misinformation wasn’t even worse. Putting such “expertise” forward as legitimate and accepting it in good faith discredits any venue or outlet which does it, because it indicates woeful ignorance at best and constitutes not only journalistic malpractice but disrespect for the Cuban people.

  3. Every time I see that woman in Obama’s entourage who looks like a Nazi prison matron, I can’t help but think such ghastly optics were deliberate, the equivalent of giving us the finger. Even if it wasn’t deliberate, the rest of the business surely was. Just thinking about the Cubanoids who played along is nauseating, even though they had the blessings (cough) of “His Holiness,” aka the Supreme Collaborator.

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