Cuban workers at Havana docks complain about pay cuts, refuse to unload ship

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How dare they! Don’t they know that in a socialist utopia the government always has their best interests in mind? Don’t they know that it is illegal to criticize their benevolent employer, Castro, Inc., or to refuse any salary or task assigned to them?

And it’s not just happening in Havana. It’s also happening at the docks in Santiago de Cuba.

These churlish dock workers deserve to be thrown in prison, each and every one of them. Malcontents. Miscreants. Selfish bastards. Crypto-capitalist mercenaries.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

The workers of the Port of Havana have been showing their anger for days on social networks. They are protesting against the salary that the Cuban Government wants to pay them as of January 1, when the monetary unification begins.

At this point in the end of the year, the staff and political leaders have not reached an agreement and the arrival of a ship loaded with fertilizers has been the last straw: “Operations stop,” wrote a longshoreman on Facebook.

Although the fertilizer ship began unloading yesterday morning, December 24, the afternoon shift workers stopped operations because they do not know how how much they will be paid for unloading this cargo.

They have already spoken with the directors of the Port of Havana, but the directors have said that the solution is not in their hands. “Yesterday when we got to work they told us that the ministers were going to meet, that we will have the answer tomorrow, Saturday.”

“Supposedly we were going to start unloading a boat of fertilizers, which is awfully difficult and hazardous to our health, without knowing how much we are getting paid for this work: whether it would be our current wage scale or the lower new wage scale, with which we are dissatisfied” added a Port worker in statements to CiberCuba.

Another stevedore explained to this newspaper that they are not on strike. “We are willing to work, but not with the new basic wage regulations ” he said.

He was referring to the Cuban Government’s plan to place the workers of the Port on a basic salary scale of 2,420 pesos compared to the white-collar employees of the company’s offices, who have a base salary of 4,000 pesos without working on weekends or holidays, explains a stevedore.

“They work fewer hours than we do. They don’t do early mornings. This is what we are protesting. We are not being valued for what we do or for the amount of hours of work and sacrifice that we spend so that a whole country has in the basket basic rice, peas, corn, soybeans. They are important products that bring profits to the economy because every year we unload millions of pesos. What is happening with this fertilizer ship is a farce, and an attempt to hide the way in which we workers are mistreated and have our wages stolen,” he stressed.

“This goes to all the relevant authorities; mass groups, ministers, the Council of Ministers and the Presidency of the Republic of Cuba: know that we are tired of not having our work valued as much as it deserves.,” wrote a stevedore in his account on Facebook.

Continue reading HERE (in Spanish) — also contains video report.

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  1. Well, some degree of discontent (within reason, of course) might be understandable, but no degree of discontent whatsoever is acceptable from black Cubans, who must venerate Massah Castro’s “revolution” with absolute and unconditional devotion and infinite gratitude. Bad Negroes are NOT allowed.

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