‘Father of the Bride’ remake in the works with a Cuban American twist

This news is from a couple of months ago, but I just came across it recently. Apparently, a remake of the classic “Father of the Bride” movie is in the works and will be based on a Cuban American family throwing a typical Cuban wedding.

Via The Wrap:

A “Father of the Bride” film remake with a Cuban American twist is in development at Warner Bros, according to an individual with knowledge of the project.

Screenwriter Matt Lopez is penning the script for the romantic comedy. For the remake, Lopez will draw on his experience from attending Cuban weddings. Executives Jesse Ehrman and Paul Perez will oversee development of the project at the studio.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing this classic story told from a Cuban American perspective. I can only hope it doesn’t get the leftist Hollywood treatment and they produce some Latinx atrocity that neither reflects the true nature of Cuban Americans nor our culture in a misguided quest to make some banal social justice statement.

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  1. Alberto,

    You’re far more optimistic than me. When was the last time that Hollywood produced a program based on a Cuban family that wasn’t some Latinx nightmare? Look at the last three atrocities: “One Day at a Time,” “Diary of a Future President” and “The Beauty and the Baker.” None of those programs used Cuban actors, they didn’t even try to get the accents right. Rita Moreno with her “ay bendito” was so off and her comment, “the first time that I ate white food was when I came to the US,” was gutwrenching to listen to. And from watching the “The Beauty and the Baker,” you would think that all Cubans do is dance salsa 24/7. The Dominican actress who played the mother in “Diary…” was so miscasted, etc…

    You see, Hollywood thinks that all “LATINOS” are the same and even if they don’t and realize that we are all different, they will homogenize us in order to make us pallidable to the rest of the Latinos.

  2. Uh, I wouldn’t expect much from this. At best it will be inoffensive, but I certainly wouldn’t bet on that. Hollywood has far more inclination to misrepresent and offend Cuban Americans than to do right by them.
    As for Rita Moreno, let’s just say she’s been overused, as if she had to be cast for certain parts, which is at best lazy casting and shows a distinct lack of imagination, not to mention ethnic stereotyping.

  3. What I want to know is what is this obsession with Cuban-Americans in Hollywood? We are only something like 3% of the entire HIspanic population in the US, yet, Hollywood is always doing some crappy program about us. I mean, in 2020, there were three! Count them– THREE programs about Cubans: “One Day at a Time,” “Diary of a Future President” and the “Beauty and the Baker!” Now this crappy movie! Aren’t chicanos the most loudmouthed “Latinos” and therefore the most influential? They have groups like MALDEF, National Council of la Raza and AZTLAN who are always bemoaning discrimination, who play the woe-is-me, I’m a down-and-brown victim role.” They have even started a campaign based on the Afro-American “Oscars so white” campaign asking for “more brown faces” in Hollywood! Wouldn’t it make sense to represent them more? I don’t get it. I wish that they would leave us alone and focus on chicanos! After all, we never ask to be represented or beat our chests because “we’re victims.”

    • Well, we ARE different, and the showbiz people want to stick us in the same box as the rest of Hispanics. They’d much rather see and treat everybody they consider “Latinos” the same way, because that’s easier and more in keeping with their ignorance, bigotry and prejudices.

      • I think that’s it. They are sticking it to us. Just look at “One Day at a Time,” they’re the total opposite of most Cubans, they are woke, Trump-hating, I’m-a–brown Latino Latinos. What Cuban goes around attacking Trump and worries about being picked up by INS?

        • Hollywood has always offered a skewed version of reality, partly for marketing reasons, but more and more for reasons of sociopolitical fashion, and the entertainment complex is ALL in on fashion of every sort–they absolutely live and breathe that shit. That’s why I turned away from it, all of it, long ago, because it is hollow, shallow and artificial. That would not be so bad, for entertainment, if it weren’t so absurdly pretentious, self-important and perverse. I simply do not need it, and by now it really means nothing to me.

          • I’m going to take a jab at the performers that they will cast as the Cuban side of the family:

            A] Rita Moreno has already played countless Cubans, so she’s a must. She has become the go-to-actress for Cuban roles.

            B] Jimmy Smit or James Edward Olmos who have played Cubans in the past, so move them to the front of the line. Either of them can play the father.

            C] They might use Luis Guzman who has played Cubans in the past [that midget Puerto Rican with the big head] to play one of the uncles for comic relief. [https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0350079/mediaviewer/rm4204236544/D]

            D] And either J-Lo or Rosie Perez will be the mother, or maybe they’ll use Justina Machado who plays the Cuban mother in “One Day at a Time.” They have to get a big name latina.

            Doesn’t matter how miscasted these performers are to Hollywood they are perfect Cubans. Remember ALL LATINOS ARE THE SAME and even if they don’t believe it, they homogenize us to make us pallidable for the masses.

            Now performers that they won’t definitely use [basically anyone who is Cuban]:

            A] Eddie Ciberian need not apply–too white
            B] Ana de Armas–need not apply–too white
            C] Cameron Diaz–need not apply [DEFINITELY TOO WHITE]
            D] Andy Garcia–need not apply–too white [when was the last time he played a Cuban other than in a movie that he self-produced]
            E] Jamie Lynn Sigler–half Cuban/half Jewish actress [from the Sopranos]– need not apply–too white
            F] Raúl Esparza–amazing award winning Broadway actor–need not apply too white.
            G] Bella Thorne–need not apply too white
            H] William Levy–need not apply too white
            I] Joanna Garcia [who played Cheyenne in Reba] need not apply–DEFINITELY TOO WHITE.
            J] Bobby Cannavale –half Cuban/half Italian actor–even he would considered too white because he looks like a Southern Italian!

            I’m pretty sure that the movie will rely heavily on the humor that comes across when people of two different races come together. You will have the obligatory comments from the Cuban side wondering why the son or daughter is marrying a white boy or girl when they can marry a nice Cuban boy or girl! [rolling-my-eyes].

    • Basically, and predictably, this has little or nothing to do with us and is only nominally Cuban. Of course, there are far worse things, like a Latrine socialist being nominally the Vicar of Christ.

  4. There’s a Matthew Lopez (Wikipedia link below) who’s a screenwriter and very successful playwright of Puerto Rican extraction who was born in Panama City, FL and graduated from USF in Tampa:


    However, none of the articles I could find about the Matt Lopez involved with this movie make reference to his being a prize-winning playwright, only a writer for movies and TV, and the name is obviously common. Here is a picture of the right Matt Lopez:


    As for Paul Perez, he’s the Director of Creative Development at Warner Bros. Pictures, but all I could find is that he went to the University of Pennsylvania (so he’s presumably from the NE) and is bilingual.

    In any case, it seems fairly certain that both Lopez and Perez publicly identify as “Latinx,” like everybody cast for this movie probably does, since that shit is de rigueur in La La Land. That alone is enough for me to reject the whole business. I really have lost all patience with the showbiz cretins.

  5. Great! [said in a sarcastic tone] Matthew Lopez is Puerto Rican! A lot of Puerto Ricans–especially the woke ones– have hidden hostilities against Cubans.

    Check this out. This is the Latinx cast that they are suggesting for the reboot! What the f–k? If its about a Cuban family why do they have to have a non-Cuban latinx ensemble? Oh wait, Yes, we’re all the same.

    Looking at this cast, except for Andy Garcia, these people look about as Cuban as an Eskimo looks Congolese:


    • Those are just somebody’s “dream cast,” none of whom may wind up in the movie, but I expect the actual cast will wind up being comparable. As for this movie’s screenwriter, I don’t think he’s the Puerto Rican playwright, who’s probably a different Matthew Lopez and primarily a theater person.

      But no, I have never known or come across a Cuban girl that looks like Cierra Ramirez (who?).

      • Yes, of course, that’s not the cast, but its being thrown around. In other words, it could very well be JUST somebody’s dream cast, or worst, a public relations manuever to test the waters. Studios often do things like this. They release information via selected news outlets about upcoming movies to see if the audiences will like certain performers for the roles.

        But alas, considering that the purpose of the movie is to reach out to the generic LATINX community, they will not want to alienate other latinos by having a ¿Que Pasa, USA? type of ensemble. In other words, they need to get actresses like Cierra Ramirez who as you point out looks like no Cuban girl in existence, but rather like a chicana.

        This is the type of crap they are going for. Look at this segment of One Day at a Time [that I’m delighted to say been canceled for the 2nd time!]. What Cubans would say this? They know that Cubans would never react this way, but they are catering to LatinX folks not to Cubans:

        • I assume Lopez is of Cuban extraction, otherwise it makes no sense he’d go with a (supposed) Cuban angle. But yes, even is he’s from a Cuban background, I expect the result will NOT be tailored or meant for a Cuban audience and is bound to be skewed, not to say bastardized, to suit the prevailing ethos, not to say PC bullshit. I’m reminded, in a way, of the late fake Cuban writer, “Carrillo,” whose work was clearly not intended for Cuban readers.

          And thanks for the clip, I guess, but I was only able to stand it for a matter of seconds. I don’t know such “Cubans,” and frankly, I don’t want to.

        • It just hit me–this sort of shit, I mean show, which is NOT true to Cuban American reality, is a leftist fantasy, a make-believe wish fulfillment, whereby “those people” are transmuted into good little “Latinx,” and Cubans are just as the usual suspects want them to be.

          If nothing else it is immature and pretty pathetic, albeit perverse and full of it.

          • OMG! That’s brilliant! You hit the nail on the head! I think that Matt Lopez is Cuban, but he’s probably one of those ambitious Cubans who [to borrow a line from the left], “sells his ass to the ruling class.” I mean, one of the producers of “One Day at a Time” is a useless Cuban dame by the name of Gloria Calderon Kellett. How she can permit that travesty on her time proves that some Cubans will do anything for their own personal edification [i.e. not rock the boat] if its expedient for their career. She knows that a real Cuban family wouldn’t pass muster either with the studios or the masses, so she created a fantasy Cuban family.

          • Well, there’s certainly major pressure to play along and major disincentive to doing otherwise for those who want to “make it” in a perverse system like the entertainment industry–similar to the situation in Cuba, where nobody “makes it” without being part of the system and getting their hands dirty. Ask the Estefans.

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