The ‘Freedom Squad’ ready to take on the socialist ‘Squad’ on Capitol Hill

Meet the “Freedom Squad,” survivors of communism who are going to take on the socialist “Squad” and defend American freedom and liberty on Capitol Hill.

Via Politico:

Meet the GOP freshmen taking on the squad

A new, diverse class of Republicans preps for battle with the left — and hopes of winning back the House.

On the first day of Congress’ freshman orientation, four incoming GOP members realized they shared a special connection: All had first- or second-hand experience living in communist or socialist countries.

The crew quipped that their family histories with brutal dictatorships and their aversion to Big Government basically made them the opposite of the liberal “Squad” that has surged to political stardom in the House.

Taking a page from their social media savvy rivals, they took to Twitter to share the name of their own counterrevolution. And the Republican “Force” was born.

“It was a natural alliance that formed. … We understand what it’s like in other countries. We understand how truly special this nation is,” Rep.-elect Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.), whose mother was born in Cuba, recalled in an interview. “And we look forward to working together to push back on anyone who tries to bring a socialist agenda to America.”

The quartet — which includes Malliotakis and Reps.-elect Carlos Gimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar of Florida, and Victoria Spartz of Indiana — is positioning itself as a conservative counterweight to the Squad. And they are recruiting others in their class to join them.

Stuck in the House minority, the Force is unlikely to have much influence on next year’s legislative agenda. But their message is already proving politically potent. Democrats are still reeling from House losses in November, when lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say the anti-socialist attacks helped take down a dozen incumbents, including in South Florida.

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