Video of the Day: Courageous Catholic priest in Cuba speaks out against the Castro regime’s intolerance

It’s not every day a Cuban Catholic priest speaks out against the socialist Castro dictatorship from the pulpit. Not only do they risk retaliation from the repressive regime, but also from the Church’s hierarchy in Havana. Nevertheless, Father Rolando Montes de Oca spoke the truth on Christmas Eve in Camaguey.

Via Democratic Spaces:

During the Christmas Eve Homily, father Rolando Montes de Oca from the Parish Church of Vertientes, Camaguey responded to the official discourse of exclusion, intolerance, snitching and acts of repudiations with a call of tolerance, understanding, acceptance of different ideas. In this passage of the homily the priest says: “It is night in Bethlehem and there is night in Cuba,” a response to the official discourse which in recent weeks has used its media controlled monopoly to intensify its message of exclusion, hatred, intolerance and calls to calls to violence against the San Isidro Movement and other groups in Civil Society that led a protest in front of the Ministry of Culture on November 27.

The priest’s homily is a reflection of the way wide sectors of Cuban society reject the official discourse and propose an open, democratic and free society, drastically different form the repressive society imposed by the dictatorship in Cuba.