Castro dictatorship sentences Afro Cuban activist to six years in prison

The only black lives that matter in communist Cuba are those who obey their State masters and don’t make trouble. This is what “social justice” and “equality” look like in Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

UNPACU activist Isain Lopez Luna sentenced to six years in prison

On December 4 a Cuban court handed down a prison sentence of six years to Isain Lopez Luna, a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and a promoter for the Cuba Decide citizen initiative.

The opposition member has been jailed since April 10 when he was arrested while carrying out a protest on a public street over the harassment carried out by the police chief in his area.

Eight months ago, the regime’s prosecutors called for the imprisonment of Lopez Luna. Since then, he has been jailed at the Valle Grande prison awaiting trial for the alleged crime of “assault.”

According to statements made by the activist himself, days before his arrest, the police chief showed up drunk at his house and began insulting and threatening him and his family.

Isain’s mother came out in an attempt to cool down the situation so it wouldn’t get out of hand. She asked the chief to leave and her son to come back inside the house. Instead, the chief brusquely grabbed him by the arm, which led to the mother falling to floor and hitting her head.

Carlos Amel Oliva, an UNPACU spokesperson in exile and a promoter for Cuba Decide, told CubaNet: “To beat up peaceful activists and then, in an act of cynicism and abuse of power, accuse them of assault has for years been a typical tactic used by the dictatorship’s agents of oppression.”

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