State Dept. proposes returning Cuba to the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

Cuba’s socialist Castro dictatorship has a decades-long history of supporting and enabling terrorism and continues to do so to this day. They should never have been taken off the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. But this was one of the many unilateral concessions demanded by the Cuban regime President Obama abided by in his shameful surrender to the corrupt, brutally repressive, and murderous dictatorship.

Now, it is up to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to sign off on a proposal from the State Department to return the Cuban dictatorship to the State Sponsors of Terrorism list (via Fox News):

The government of Cuba could be added to the U.S. list of states that sponsor terrorism, if Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signs on to a State Department proposal as the Trump administration winds down, according to a new report.

The move could slow down attempts from the incoming Biden administration to improve relations with the Caribbean country, the New York Times reported Tuesday. It was not immediately clear whether Pompeo intended to implement the proposal.

The extensive links the Castro dictatorship maintains with terrorist organizations in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America must be confronted and dealt with, not rewarded. That it may hinder a Biden administration attempt to have the U.S. surrender once again to the Castro regime is a bonus.

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  1. Terrorism? Oh, no, they don’t do that; Cuban exiles do that. Didn’t you see the Wasp Network movie?

    I mean, you can find out everything you need to know about Cuba from what the entertainment industry puts out about it. The last thing you want to do is to get the scoop from Cubans themselves, especially from “those people.” Just ask some (non-Cuban) Cuba “expert,” or read the New York Times.

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