The stupidity of ‘Latinx’

There’s a lot of things the term “Latinx” is not: it’s not Spanish, it’s not widely used by Hispanics, and it’s not accepted. There is one thing it is though: stupid.

Rafael Valera in El American:

Latinx Is Stupid

Thus, white guilt, a consequence of that pseudo-privilege, imposes on innocent people of their skin color how to behave on a pure whim. “Latinx” is an expression of the masochism of many whites who in their spiritual neurosis need to please all those who make claims on them – however absurd they may be.

Latinx is stupid. To say this, in fact, is more Latino than saying “Latinx.” To understand the term’s stupidity, we must refer to what the language is, what it produces, the consequences that radical alterations and political reality around the specific term would generate.

Language is born to express reality, what is seen and thought. By communicating what we see, think and is around us, we can make our own judgments about the objects and phenomena that occur.

The Hispanic, for example, is defined by the Hispanic culture, and the Hispanic culture has been defined by the Spanish language for more than a millennium. All of that produces a Hispanic way of seeing the world, and no one can change that -not even your closest normie who considers Oye Cómo Va the apotheosis of Hispanity-.

Olavo de Carvalho explains that in post-modern tribalism: “as between dogs and wolves, the smell of their genitals or the residue of their urine on the ground” is what will now define the subject. The sound signals remain the same as those of human language, but the immanent semantic rule is that of animal communication.”

The animalization of language degrades the dignity of the person – in the sense that Maritain defined it – and forces him to behave like an animal, suppressing himself in favor of the will of the herd. But not only this, but, just as the appeal to “gender neutrality”-whatever that means-is intended by the use of Latinx, the “uniform code” that replaces the authentic expression of reality is usually “the direct and ostensive expression of sexual impulses.”

“Latinx,” far from generating the effect that Punk produced, is a childish craving that the newer generations accept and use to feel special and make more noise – noise that the powerful take advantage of. However, they are left with desire. According to Pew Research, only 3% of Latinos in America use the term and are primarily young people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine. This means that the term’s use is not even a flag considered by Latinos, but who uses it then?

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2 thoughts on “The stupidity of ‘Latinx’”

  1. It’s not just “Latinx,” it’s also “Latino” and “Latin.” It’s all bogus; I reject all of it, and it does NOT apply to me.

    However, the real stupidity (or worse) is that of any Hispanic who plays along with and accepts such BS.

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