U.S. imposes sanctions on Cuban military bank

Cuba’s power elite

In his final days as president, Trump is ramping up sanctions on Castrogonia, knowing that every shot he fires against Castro, Inc. will make it harder for Jar Jar Biden to instantly resurrect Obama’s monstrous Cuba policy.

In essence, these new Trump sanctions can be overturned by Jar Jar, and most probably will be, but it will take him some time to do it, given the fine points of governance in the U.S.

Feliz año nuevo, viejucos

Happy New Year, Jar Jar and Comrade Kamala!

From Mirage:

Removing Cuban Military’s Grip from Cuba’s Banking Sector

The Department of State is announcing the addition of Banco Financiero International S.A. (BFI) to the Cuba Restricted List, effective upon publication in early January. BFI is a Cuban military-controlled commercial bank that benefits directly from financial transactions at the expense of the Cuban people.

The Cuban military uses BFI’s key role in foreign exchange to give military and state companies preferential access, secure advantageous exchange rates, and finance government-controlled projects that enrich the regime. The profits earned from these operations disproportionately benefit the Cuban military rather than independent Cuban entrepreneurs, furthering repression of the Cuban people and funding Cuba’s interference in Venezuela.

President Trump has made it clear that he stands with the Cuban people in their longstanding struggle for freedom and against the communist regime in Havana. Adding BFI to the Cuba Restricted List furthers the Administration’s goal of preventing the Cuban military from controlling and benefiting from financial transactions that should instead benefit the Cuban people.

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  1. Look at all the fake stars and other faux bling on the old frauds, starting with “General” Castro. And note his apparent sidekick and house Negro extraordinaire, “General” Almeida–but yes, the robolution was berry, berry good to him, and he probably did little serious harm (not least because he never had any real power).

    Lord, the disgrace.

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