Another Cuban Priest calls on Cubans to free themselves from tyranny, compares Castro regime to King Herod

Father Kenny Fernandez Delgado

From our Troublesome Priests Bureau

Some Catholic priests in Castrogonia are rapidly taking on the role of dissidents.

While this is a beautiful development and a wonder to behold — after sixty years of the Church’s collusion with Castro, Inc.– it is nonetheless a cause for worry.

Given that Castro, Inc. has zero tolerance for dissent, it is highly likely that these priests and the Church as a whole will pay dearly for their dissent.

King Raul most probably doesn’t know about English King Henry II and his infamous complaint “Won’t someone rid me of this troublesome priest,” which led to the murder of St. Thomas Beckett by some of the king’s knights, but it is highly likely he will say something similar about Father Kenny and others like him.

Herods all, old and new

Loosely translated from CiberCuba.

Cuban priest Kenny Fernández Delgado asked Cubans not to be silent in the face of the evil nature of the government of the Island.

“We tell the people, in the name of Jesus, our God, that if they remain silent in the face of the injustices of a Government, whatever it may be, they will be an accomplice of the injustices of that Government,” he said in his homily Sunday “Jesus Christ, child against Herod, the dictator “, which he shared in full on Facebook.

The parish priest of the Church of Madruga joins other priests, such as Alberto Reyes Pías and the Salesian deacon Maykel Gómez Hernández, who have recently asked for more rights and freedom in Cuba.

“If we remain silent in the face of government corruption, we are accomplices. If we remain silent in the face of mistreatment, harassment, torture and imprisonment of those who think and express themselves differently from the Government: we are accomplices. If we support an act of repudiation of those who think or they express themselves differently from the government, we are accomplices, “he said.

“If we remain silent in the face of the lies of television and the media, or we lend ourselves to spread the lies of others, we are accomplices. If we remain silent in the face of an unfair price increase, if we do not protest in front of some unfair stores where it is sold in a currency that nobody can acquire with their salary, and any other injustice that exists or may exist, we are accomplices, “he added.

The priest recounted King Herod’s unsuccessful attempts to kill the baby Jesus, when he learned that the wise men from the East came to worship the son of God.

Herod is a king with “earthly, limited leadership, and his government is long gone, despite his claims and attempts to eternalize himself in power. Only God is immortal, history shows that no ruler, no party, and no socioeconomic system is immortal. “

“King Herod states that he is capable of doing whatever it takes to stay in power: fear, hatred, lies, and all kinds of evils … he will even kill a group of children under two years of age, in and around Bethlehem. He manifests that he wants to remain in power, and that is why he unbalances the common good in favor of his own good and that of his supporters, and gives the people what is left over, if anything, “he recalled.

“Any resemblance to the current reality that we suffer, is it pure coincidence?” If the coat fits, wear it,”” he said.

Fernández asked “all the followers of King Herod, the dictators and tyrants of today need to repent and convert from their evil deeds, because that is what God wants: that they convert and live (…) We ask them to put the country and the flag above themselves and any party or social movement. And that they open up to dialogue with all sectors of society, as the best way out of the crisis we are experiencing. “

“In the name of God we say to the people that when there is an insurmountable contradiction between what Jesus says and what a ruler of this world says: we must choose what he says: Jesus! Therefore, in the face of such a great manifestation of light in this child-god, let us make the commitment: to break the chain of fear, lies, division and complicit silence that enslaves us. We will break that chain with the force of love, truth, unity, and protesting without violence, without rancor, “he pointed out.

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  1. Look at the old frauds carrying on in their costumes, as if the miserable dystopia that is Cuba were just one big party. Of course, it more or less is, to them. And the freak show goes on.

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