Cuban State Security has Ladies in White headquarters in Havana under siege

In Cuba, women are routinely harassed, intimidated, beaten, and arrested for daring to speak out against the communist regime. This is socialist “social justice.” This is how real socialism works.

Via Martí Noticias:

Police siege on Ladies in White headquarters denounced

As of Friday, the police continue their surveillance around the national headquarters of the Ladies in White in the Lawton neighborhood of Havana with agents arresting everyone who has attempted to get close.

“This type of siege has been going on for the past 72 hours and we have no idea why,” said the female opposition group leader Berta Soler to Radio Television Martí.

Soler said that on January 5th, activist Lourdes Esquivel was arrested right before entering the home that serves as the organization’s headquarters. The next day, the same thing happened with Yaquelin Heredia. Both are members of the Ladies in White.

In the case of Esquivel, in addition to preventing her from entering, they threatened her with fines and imprisonment.

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