Cuban dissident in Mexico receives death threats, is attacked and nearly killed

Sandy Peralta Torres

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Goons working for Castro, Inc. have their sights set on a Cuban dissident who fled to Mexico in 2019 and began to denounce Cuba’s dictatorship through Facebook and other social media outlets.

It’s a chilling story. According to her, Castro, Inc.’s State Security routinely tracks down and murders dissidents abroad, especially in Latin American countries where scant attention will be paid to their deaths. No one knows for sure how many Cuban dissidents have been murdered on foreign soil.

Good luck finding any word of this in the world’s leading news outlets.

Loosely translated from CubaNet

Cuban dissident Sandy Peralta Torres had to flee this January 3 from the town of Matamoros, in Tamaulipas, Mexico, after being attacked and left for dead on the street by two men, one of whom, due to his accent, she could identify as Cuban.

Shortly before the attack, these same men drove their car in her path, to force her to stop, then they got out of their vehicle and, while one of them strangled her, the one with a Cuban accent beat her and offended her:

“Worm [gusana] , traitor, mercenary, this is nothing,” they said, “we will go for you, your children and your husband. You are more than warned.”

Peralta Torres also relates that she lost consciousness and, upon awakening, the subjects had left the place. She then ran to her house, a few blocks away, picked up some of her belongings, and left immediately, with her husband and their three minor children (the oldest was 17 years old, the other was 11 and the lesser of 7).

“I went to the nearest terminal and got on the first bus that left, I didn’t care where I was going, I just wanted to get away from there,” she told CubaNet.

About 24 hours later, the 34-year-old reported that she had managed to get to a safe place, at least for the moment, but that she did not know what would become of her family as she barely had money to eat.

Peralta Torres left Cuba for Mexico in May 2019, “fleeing the Cuban dictatorship” and seeking a better future for her children, she says. Shortly before, she joined the opposition Cuban Liberal Party. Once in Mexico, she began to spread her activism for human rights in Cuba. For this she created the Facebook group “Against the murderous Castro-Canel dynasty, freedom for political prisoners.”

Said group, as she explains, was founded together with the Cuban rebellious rapper Maykel Osorbo; In it, complaints of violations of Cuban rights in Cuba are made. Similarly, she has participated in demonstrations against the Cuban regime in the town where she resided (Matamoros).

Peralta Torres was also the coordinator of La Nueva Nación Cubana, a Miami-based group that promotes human rights and activism against the dictatorship in Cuba.

On December 10, 2020, the young woman began to receive threats from people who called or sent text messages to her phone, through WhatsApp or Facebook.

“Traitorous worm, we are aware of your steps (…), all your publications are monitored. You are going to pay for the demonstration you did on the Matamoros bridge, speaking ill of Cuba ”; “(…) Do you think that you are going to speak ill of the Cuban revolutionary government and nothing will happen, here betrayal is paid for with death,” were some of the threatening messages she received.

Continue reading HERE in Spanish (includes video)… and for a few more details go HERE, also in Spanish

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  1. So, what is to be done with people who’d do this kind of “work” for Castro, Inc if the latter falls? We’re not talking a few isolated outliers–there’s plenty of them who routinely do this kind of thing on the island. They’re NOT going to magically transform into decent people, though no doubt they’ll do their best to fake it or hide their past. There are LOTS of people with their hands dirty, even if they haven’t killed anybody. What’s to be done?

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