Cuban dissident arrested for distributing José Martí quotes and for reciting lyrics of Cuba’s national anthem

From our ever-busy Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Social Justice

It doesn’t take much to be considered dangerous in Castrogonia.

A mere display of patriotism is enough to get you arrested because the so-called “Revolution” has a monopoly on history itself, and Big Brother doesn’t like it when anyone dares to encroach on his exclusive control of everything, including the words of national heroes from long ago and the words of the national anthem.

As George Orwell put it: he who controls the past controls the present and he who controls the present controls the future.

This is socialist tolerance at work, as well as genuine socialist social justice. What could be more just than silencing all deviants and heretics?

Be sure to watch the video through the links below (No sound until 1:25).

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Cuban dissident Bárbaro de Cespedes was arrested in Camagüey for distributing small flyers with various phrases by José Martí, reciting the National Anthem of Cuba, and shouting “Viva Cuba Libre” on a Camagüey street.

De Cespedes posted a video on his Facebook account that recorded his journey, distributing the flyers to the people who were walking in the Historic Quarter of the city. The dissident distributed leaflets to everyone he encountered, and no one refused to take one.

After walking a few blocks,, a State Security agent appeared to prevent De Cespedes from continuing with his activity. In the video, it can be seen that the agent tells him something, however the video failed to capture the audio.

When the dissident began to recite the lyrics of the National Anthem of Cuba, State Security stopped him in front of a crowd of people who watched.