Cuban State Security arrest and viciously beat 18-year-old son of opposition leader

In communist Cuba, it’s not only personally dangerous to oppose the socialist dictatorship, it’s just as dangerous for your children as well. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

The son of Jose Daniel Ferrer beaten by regime

State Security attacked the son of opposition leader and the head of UNPACU, Jose Daniel Ferrer, according to a video the opposition member posted on YouTube.

Ferrer, who began a hunger strike along with his wife to protest the police siege around the UNPACU headquarters for more than six months now, said his son Jose Daniel Ferrer Cantillo was physically attacked for no reason whatsoever.

In the video, Ferrer explains that it’s not the first time his son is physically attacked by State Security and said that since he was very young, the boy has been a victim of attacks simply for being his son. “Arrested, fined, and beaten, my son Jose Daniel Ferrer Cantillo, who is 18 years old. This is on top of the beatings State Security has inflicted on him in the past. Since he was a small child he has been beaten and detained arbitrarily by the repressive forces of the Castro-communist tyranny.”

The young man says he was on his way to purchase food for elderly Cubans when State Security agents surrounded him and ordered he go with them, which the young man refused. “They told that I had to go with them and I said no. That’s when the four of them jumped me and started beating me.”

“They repeatedly and forcefully beat my head and nose,” said Ferrer Cantillo, showing a bloodied mask and handkerchief and scratches on his neck.

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