If you elect him, they will come

On Wednesday, our new president and first lady will do the traditional dance.  We wish him well because he is going to need a lot of help, especially when he finds out that the caravans are moving north again.  It’s amazing how people will react to what you say in the campaign.

This is from Fox News:

A migrant caravan moving from Honduras toward the U.S. border is calling on the incoming Biden administration to honor what it says are “commitments” to the migrants moving north, amid fears of a surge at the border when President-elect Joe Biden enters office.

More than 1,000 Honduran migrants moved into Guatemala on Friday without registering, The Associated Press reported. That is part of a larger caravan that left a Honduran city earlier in the day. 

So they are coming.  Are you surprised?

The wild card here is President López-Obrador of Mexico.  He faces a tough COVID crisis and a rebellion by business-owners, such as those who own restaurants, who can’t make a living under the lockdown. Why would he allow migrants to enter Mexico at a time like this?  My guess is that he won’t and keep the caravans south of Mexico.  At the same time, the caravans could start in Mexico, especially the many of them not working because of a bad economy.

No matter what, it will test the new president quickly.

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1 thought on “If you elect him, they will come”

  1. This is no test. this is fulfilling a campaign promise to give all immigrants free college, free medical care, the whole shebang.
    They need more voters to counteract the more voters our side is going to develop in rage against the left.

    On Wednesday I urge every American to go silent for the whole day and night if possible. Do not watch coverage of anything that day and night. If you can read a book all day, or do exercise or whatever and not go on any media, even your phones, if possible, we have to send the message that we did not want these people in charge
    They won’t report it but they must have lowest ratings to let them know we are displeased and not with them at all.

    Let everyone you know about this idea if you agree and give this new crowd in Washington a silent sendoff to their four years.

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