Rolando Pulido, a Cuban American graphic artist whose work reached millions, dies in New York at 58

We received the sad news today that Rolando Pulido, a Cuban American artist who did numerous amazing graphics for several human rights in Cuba campaigns has passed away at the age of 58 after battling a long illness. Rolando’s work was featured many times on Babalú, with his art for human rights campaigns. Requiescat in pace, Rolando, your art and legacy will live on forever.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Graphic artist Rolando Pulido dies in a Bronx hospital

Cuban graphic artist Rolando Pulido died on Friday in New York. He was extremely ill and unable to walk, said Cuban writer Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo who in recent days had launched a campaign to raise funds to pay for his medial care.

“Our beloved brother Rolando Pulido finally rested last night, his heart filled with appreciation for all the solidarity expressed from all until the very end,” wrote Pardo Lazo on Facebook.

“We were never able to use the help we received for his physical therapy. We didn’t have enough time to reach that phase of his recuperation. Rolando spent his last days in a Bronx hospital surrounded by friends who were able to visit him and he received competent and compassionate care from the staff there,” he said.

“We are considering immediately returning the generous help each of you provided. Or propose another use, always related to the work and memory of our Rolando Pulido, but respecting his last wishes that there be no public homages to him. I will be the one who will take responsibility for carrying out whatever your decision may be and will speak with each and every one of you,” he added.

Pulido, who was born in Cienfuegos, left Cuba at 18 during the 1980 Mariel exodus. In an interview with HyperMedia Magazine in July of 2019, Pardo Lazo said that for years Pulido’s graphic art has been the image of emblematic places such as the Blue Note Jazz Club, Cooper’s Bar, The Strand book store, along with set designs on nationally televised shows such as Saturday Night Live.

As an activist, “during the last decade Rolando Pulido’s digital art created a new visuality for Cuba’s dissident civil society,” said the writer.

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