1981: President Reagan 40 years ago

On this day in 1981, Governor Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 40th president of the United States. A few minutes later, the 52 hostages held at the U.S. embassy in Iran were released, ending the Iranian Hostage Crisis. it was the first day of a very impressive two term presidency.

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3 thoughts on “1981: President Reagan 40 years ago”

  1. Never mind Reagan. What got “elected” in 2020 isn’t even a so-so or average choice; it’s an absolute disgrace, and a potentially disastrous one. And no, that would not change even if the election had been completely free of corruption. It is now clear that human stupidity (or worse) is so prevalent it defies belief.

    • That moribund and corrupt political hack only won 16% of all the counties in USA (let that sink in). These being corrupt and unlivable urban areas that saw the beginning of their end, decades ago, as Democrat enclaves.

      Granted, the numbers were inflated for the sake of flipping entire states and all the evidence was ignored.

      Today said cities are ruinous wrecks and futureless ghettos marked by exodus, ignorance, crime, and no sizable middle-class. Calling many of these places “first-world” cities is, let’s be honest, a stretch.

      As for the propagandistic and obnoxious media that serves such left, all controlled by an overrepresented tribe of ethnocentric jerks who do not represent anything other than their delusions of grandeur, paranoia, and pockets, it is discredited and fully aware of its abysmal ratings.

      In other words, Americans struggle to have a real voice and vote in their own nation. But, of course, the usual suspects must control the microphone and go after anything that dares to challenge their control.

      That said, these aren’t the politics of Scandinavia. This is a very cheap left and one no centrist, much less rightist, state is interested in. At the very least, this Biden/Harris installation will cement the same corruption and sociopolitical decay of urban USA, finally at a national level. This is the Chicagonification of USA, at best.

      Sadly, given their vindictive, entitled, fraudulent, and obnoxiously propagandistic nature coupled with a desperate desire for censorship, I am sure it will be worse than that and the beginning of the end.

      As for the military, as useless and as dumb as cow dung but more disgusting. Amidst this reality, more advanced and capable nations the likes of Japan, Germany, Australia, etc. will soon realize that their existence can’t depend on a dying myth that has been, for decades, a bluff.

  2. As for Reagan, had his bid for reelection been today, he too would have been “defeated” by the deep sta…, I mean Biden/Harris, and crucified thereafter – specially when taking into account that Trump’s first and only term was more successful than Reagan’s or that of any modern president.

    Vamos Bien.

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